“Going On Holiday?” | Small Talk…

Holidays Matter…

Hair salon small talk can be a pleasant way to pass the time whilst the stylist makes you look dreamy! Yet there is always one question, no matter what time of year, that is asked…

“Going on holiday this year?”

Why THIS question..?

Well, like in any service led organisation, it’s essential that managers and staff are friendly, polite and engaging with their customers. Showing an interest, making eye contact and ensuring that the person they are talking to feels welcome. Not only is it good manners, it’s the make or break for the business.

But still, why ‘this’ question..?

Whether you are adding an extra day to a weekend, taking a short mid-week break or going on a full-blown two-week vacation; breaks away matter. People are interested in where you choose to spend your ‘down-time’. Many people will ‘holiday’ vicariously through others!

Hearing about holidays lifts your spirits. It sparks common interests and draws out shared experiences – making the conversation and relationship flow and grow.

For many of us however, we’re restricted, not only by a tight purse string, but also a limited amount of leave that we can take to experience holidays. So, there are two things we do as humans, either dream about them, or try and find the time and the budget to make the holiday happen.

Why do we need a break-away..?

Just like we all look forward to our days off work, there are very few of us who don’t love a break away. No matter if it’s a weekend or a week; getting away from the everyday is rejuvenating , it pops a spring back in your step. What’s more, there’s something unparalleled about a rest.

But what sort of break is best?

Should we be thinking that we need one long two-week holiday a year? What about two separate weeks? Or perhaps a handful of long weekends?  Or is it enough to keep evenings and weekends free to plan some excursions?

The truth is, getting away, resting and making memories tends not to depend on how much you spend, how far you travel or how long your holiday is. It’s the intensity of the experiences and the change of activity that matters the most.

It may be adding an extra day or two to your weekend or gambling all your leave on one single holiday. It could involve shopping well or jet-skiing badly; taking time out and having a break is essential for your mind, body and soul.

City Break By the Sea…

A city break is the perfect solution.  Not only can they be really affordable and accessible, you can often experience the beating heart of a new city in just a few days. Add that to a city with views, history and fabulous things to see and do, you have a real winner! Plymouth and Strathmore House Apartments.

Perhaps Strathmore House Apartments has the answer…

Whichever way you plan your holiday, the days off you can afford to take, or the money you can afford to pay. Strathmore House Apartments has 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments, various prices with different offers and all with an easy way to check availability!

Make plans to visit Plymouth and stay with us. Then, next time the stylist asks about your holiday – you can leave looking both dreamy and super excited!