A Colourful City By The Sea…

Local Art

Beauty Comes In All Colours…

Strathmore House Apartments are in a city that is often talked about for its contrasting beauty. The wild colours of nature in and around The Hoe. With the rich greens and primary colour from the infamous children’s play area.

Then, when you look out you see the turquoise sea and the branded ferries crossing the shores. Not forgetting the famous red and white of Smeaton’s Tower of course!

Travel inland and you will see the glittering grey of the city centre and sensational stone work in and around The Royal Citadel. Royal William Yard and The Millfield’s. Parts of which date back 1665 and earlier!

Yet, if on this grey day in the middle of summer you still feel a little gloomy; Plymouth has got a solution.

Let your imagination stray to the vibrant colours gifted by amazing artists adding an array of beauty and vivid richness to the corners of Britain’s Ocean City:


Local Art

An art revolution is happening in Plymouth…

Here you will find a recent post outlining the beautiful creations and murals that have been created all over the city – with artists having one common purpose: making our city more colourful…

Source: Plymouth Live. 

Shop ‘Till You Drop In Plymouth…

Shopping In Plymouth…

With an array of fantastic cultural offers, visitor attractions, stunning views and excellent shops; Plymouth is a lovely city for visiting…but also for shopping!

Whether it’s for things to wear, to hang on your walls or collections pieces to add to your interiors; shopping in Plymouth has it all.

It’s not just the city centre that has some great finds either;  scattered around the city in placed like Stoke, Millbridge, The Barbican and Mutley are some great little streets packed with beautiful independent boutiques and interesting finds.

Whether for a city break or for a week long stay; you will find some of the best shops, stalls, vintage outlets, quirky pop-ups and of course Drakes Circus, our mall.

Enjoy your city break in one of the most beautiful destinations and treat yourself to a new wardrobe while your at it!

Strathmore House Apartments are in the perfect location to really make the most of Plymouth…with plenty of wardrobe space to hang your fabulous new finds!


A City Wide Celebration…

A cleaner, brighter, better  tomorrow in Plymouth…

There is nothing like a city with pride and a city with purpose. Here at Strathmore House Apartments we take great pride in celebrating our beautiful city and its successes.

The success today comes in the form of a very big cause for celebration. Plymouth has once again been on a mission to create positive change for the future. We are always striving to make tomorrow better than today. Yet again through hard work, collaboration, willpower and passion our city by the sea has realised another goal.

It’s not just the amazing campaigners in Plymouth that have been celebrating this week; the entire community was filled with pride when it was announced that Plymouth had been awarded Plastic Free Community.  This is a status that really recognises the hard work of partners across the city who have made it their mission to reduce single use plastics and tackle plastic pollution.

As a city we pride ourselves on our ability to engage with cross-sector collaboration. The Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City Plastics Task Group is a great example of how this form of collaboration brings such richness to a city. The Task Group has been made up of a wide range of partners, from across all sectors including the voluntary, statutory, public and private sector.

Great British Spring Clean…

The news also followed a successful Great British Spring Clean. A clean that included almost 600 volunteers, they all took part in litter picks and beach cleans across Plymouth. Together they collected 1079 bags of litter on the way. The events were coordinated by local community groups Clean Our Patch and Plymouth Beach Clean Volunteers. Interestingly, the oldest item found was a crisp packet dating back to 1973!

The campaign to raise awareness of the misuse of single use plastics has been warmly welcomed by everyone involved to date … and shows no sign of slowing down!

More Information & How To Get Involved:

For more information you can follow the link and read the many highlights and successes.

Travelling Solo In Plymouth…

Girl sat on a ramp looking out to sea

Staff Have Their Say…

We hear from our Development Manager, Elinor Eaton, on why solo travelling in Plymouth is a wonderful thing…

Nomadic Desires…

When you talk to some people about your travel bugs and nomadic desires they look confused by the concept. Especially when you add ‘solo travelling’!

Why would you? Does no one want to go with you? What will you do?

This is definitely not a generational thing, more just about lifestyle choices and personal preferences. When it comes to choosing where, when and how you holiday – well it really doesn’t get more personal than that!

Whether its time or money – we are investing in our holidays. If you’re lucky you get one or two a year and so we REALLY should choose what’s best for us. The choice is limitless today. In hours we can be anywhere, exploring, adventuring and filling our mind with memories that will last a lifetime.

For some it will be a sunny holiday package, lazing by the pool and soaking up the sangria! For others it will be an adventure that is not fully planned but that is, without doubt, an exploration and a step into the unknown.

From discovering more about yourself, testing your being or finding new friends (after all, strangers are just friends you haven’t made yet – right!?) these reasons, along with many more, are why I choose and chose to travel alone.

The Thrill…

From 1999 to today, there is little I enjoy more than travelling and exploring alone. Be that for months with a back pack or a simple day trip – exploring a place, and yourself at the same time, is one of my favourite things to do.

Although I may sound bias, as it’s my home town, Plymouth is probably one of the best destinations for solo adventures: friendly people, amazing food and so much to see and do. Plus there are so many other beautiful towns and cities all within close distances.

Why Plymouth…

Plymouth is also quite possibly one of the easiest cities to explore thanks to its excellent public transport system, be that on the water, on the road or on tracks!

Walking around Plymouth is also one of the best ways to really see how diverse Britain’s Ocean City truly is. There’s ‘The Yard’ which is home to the largest collection of Grade 1 Listed Naval buildings in Europe. The Millfields; which from the Battle of Trafalgar to the Falklands conflict was the site of a Royal Naval hospital for almost 250 years. Then of course Plymouth Sound; the award winning marinas; the Hoe; Barbican and so much more!

It’s impossible to get bored in Plymouth and really easy to refuel with numerous coffee shops, shacks and restaurants.

Our city by the sea really is a great destination for both the seasoned solo traveller and those wanting to embark on their very first adventure. Whether you are lovers of nature or into urban living, there are tons of reasons to fall in love with solo travelling in Plymouth.

Stay With Us…

No matter what your travelling preferences, here at Strathmore House Apartments you can be sure of a warm welcome and a safe place to rest your head after your wonderful adventures in Plymouth.

How To Find The Best Holiday Apartments In Plymouth…

Booking a holiday apartment offers the chance to save money on costs whilst experience a unique property in a beautiful city.

But with so many to choose from, in a market saturated with opportunity, how do you know which one to choose?

Here are some handy hints and things to look out for when looking for the best apartment in Plymouth…

Keeping Your Costs Down:

With prices starting at just £70 a night in many serviced apartments, they can be great value for money. At Strathmore House Apartments we have 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments; so anything up to 8 adults can share the cost of their stay. Making it a super and cost effective way to holiday.

Look Out For:  Apartments with a fully fitted kitchen like ours are a great bonus. You can save on those meals out and drinks bills that soon add up!

Space To Play:

It’s certainly not uncommon to have lots of space in a serviced apartment. All of our apartments are full units – so you get bedrooms, living spaces, dining areas, kitchens and bathrooms. The rooms and layouts offered differ between apartments, but they are all light and airy with plenty of room.

Look Out For: Check what your apartments come with. Inside our apartments we cater handsomely for all of your needs; fully fitted kitchens, linens and towels, TV’s and hairdryers – we offer the perfect home from home service. Check before you leave what you will and won’t need to take. Also be aware that some (not us!)  have additional charges for towels and linens.

Privacy Matters:

Serviced apartment buildings as a rule will typically be smaller than hotels. This means that the overall number of people in the building will be far fewer. There obviously then isn’t the same amount of public areas, or additional functions happening, so this also reflects a more home from home experience. This is a great way of feeling like a real local in your new city! Our apartments all have their own entrance, so you really can close yourself away and have your own private piece of Plymouth!

Look Out For: If privacy is important always check if you have shared access to any facilities. If it’s not clear, always contact them before you book – just to double check.  It’s also really good to look at the apartments Frequently Asked Questions. You sometimes find questions you haven’t thought of that are really useful to know.

Airbnb It:

As a ‘Superhost’ on Airbnb it has become a great tool for us to connect with our guests.  Airbnb’s impact on the way we travel has been huge over the last few years, so much so that some city authorities are starting to clamp down on private rentals.

What we love about Airbnb is that it now features great local experiences too.

Look Out For: On Airbnb, when you are ready to book, you are sending a request to the host to book a reservation – you are not making a booking at this time.  Make sure you are fully aligned with where you are with your reservation and booking.

Booking online has never been easier, with great access to the very best deals available and reviews at your fingertips. Don’t forget, when booking your apartments, like any bookings, you will always get the best value when you book direct.

Where should I stay when visiting Plymouth…

sea and green grass

Alpaca & Llama Walks on Dartmoor, boat cruises and sea tours on Plymouth Sound and so much more!

“Where should I stay when visiting..?”  This phrase is one of the most typed in searches in Google for any holiday destination.

Probably as our holiday destinations are often chosen as we want to visit them because we have heard about the riches they have to offer. It could be perhaps an event we want to attend, an activity we want to explore, a building we want to see, the vista we want to breath in or to see our family and friends. But rarely, very rarely do we book a destination for the accommodation we will be staying in.

A home from home…

So, accommodation then becomes an urgency!! Our destination is chosen … but where will we stay?

Getting the right location; the right services; best price; a feel right for us … all things that can take top level planning and researching; especially if you aren’t familiar with the city or area you are visiting.

We have to hand the most amazing research tool going. We have the internet! Home to news, views, reviews and top tips on where you should stay and why you should stay there. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or straightforward.

Strathmore House Apartments; Serviced Apartments On The Hoe…

Here at Strathmore House Apartments, we know that your holiday (be it two nights, two weeks or two months) is one of the most important and cherished times of the year. We also know that our city is rather remarkable!

Within either walking distance or a short drive you have everything and more on offer. Everything you could wish for your holiday!

Alpaca & Llama Walks on Dartmoor, boat cruises and sea tours on Plymouth Sound and so much more!

We know Britain’s Ocean City won’t let you down, and we hope that with our location, our warm welcome and our amazing facilities – we won’t let you down either.

So when you ask “Where should I stay when visiting Plymouth”, make sure you consider our serviced apartments and all they have to offer.

#LYLM2019 – Love Your Local Market 2019

fruit and veg

Loving Plymouth is easy; Loving our Local Market…even easier!

Plymouth is known so well for our history, our beautiful vista and friendly community. Perhaps what isn’t so well known (yet!)  is that Plymouth has enjoyed the retail therapy offered by a Market Stall since 1253!


In 1253 the town was granted the right to hold a market, indeed Henry VI himself sealed the deal in 1440 by granting a ‘Royal Charter’ to the then Mayor of Plymouth and Commonality for ‘fairs, feasts & markets’.

plymouth street and market

Fairs, Fests & Markets…

Our community loves our market. Recently it has been under the lens and had much support from local investors, advocates and organisations. With a brilliant new re-brand it has seen a new lease of life, with many new traders taking up the opportunity to share their goods and services in a time honoured trade.

Today sees the first day of a national two week campaign called “Love Your Local Market”. The eighth year of NABMA’s campaigns; which is now successfully embraced in 24 different countries!

canvas bags

So we wanted to join the #LYLM2019 celebration and say: “We LOVE our market”!

Like most things in Plymouth, it won’t surprise many to hear that history is very prevalent in our market! Held under a Grade II Listed roof with families that have shared their stall for generations.

Not only can you grab a unique bargain, you can also enjoy amazing street food and relax with an afternoon coffee and cake.

Located in Plymouth’s ‘West End’ since 1959, it is open six days a week and is a definite must see when you are exploring Plymouth’s shopping scene.

To all the traders and friends of our eclectic little Aladdin’s cave thank you; thank you for being so very brilliant and utterly unique.

2020 – Looking Ahead…

pile of three books and reading glasses on a sofa with orange cushion

In hospitality, we are always looking ahead, making sure that we understand new trends and changes in the needs of our guests.

In January we are planning Christmas and in May we are looking to the summer … a year from now!

So, as 2020 edges closer in our ‘hospitality’ calendar, we take a look at how Strathmore House Apartments can align with shifts in the market and customer service.

Looking ahead to the future gives us the opportunity to prepare for any major trends and stay on point for our guests. We consider all new trends and challenges as opportunities to make experiences even better.

Here are two key areas that our guests tell us will continue to be essential for them in 2020, when choosing their holiday home away from home…

Sustainability & Environmental Impact |

We hear every day from guests that they value and expect our business choices to be as sustainable and ‘green’ as we can possibly make them; and that wont be changing.

Light sensors, recycling and up-cycling, using sustainable materials like locally sourced toiletries, and reducing single-use plastics are already outcomes of redeveloping our Environmental policy in 2017.

2020 will be much the same, and wherever and whenever possible we will ensure that our choices are as ‘green’ as they can possibly be without impacting or affecting our customer’s experiences.

Health & Well-being |

Increasingly, we know that our guests are seeking health and well-being benefits from their hospitality experiences; whether it’s through their food and catering choices or accommodation.

With our fully fitted kitchens, our guests have the ability to remain healthy and cook as they would at home. That coupled with the free use of Club Continental; a leisure complex with indoor heated pool, sauna, steam room and two air-conditioned gyms, means that looking after your health and wellbeing whilst staying with us is made easy!

We know that 2020 will bring new challenges and therefore opportunities for us to make experiences even better for our guests.

We can only anticipate so much, so we listen wholeheartedly to our guests and what they ‘need’ from Strathmore House Apartments.

If you would like to contact us about how you see the future needs of our guests evolving – we would love to hear from you.

Our City & Our Culture…


We Are Proud Of Our City And It’s Culture…


Plymouth has been connecting, engaging and showcasing culture to audiences for years; it has become recognised by many of our guests as a rich and varied ‘Arts and Cultural Platform’.

Thought of to many like a waterfall; it both allows you to observe its beauty from a far (without getting wet!) or leap in with both feet, letting the water cascade over you whilst it takes your breath away.

Whether you class yourself as culturally aware or just enjoy the occasional show, exhibition or performance; Plymouth has something for everyone.

There is a large and ever evolving community in Plymouth that work passionately to create a programme of events and activities that both entertain, and cross boundaries; to help us escape from our ‘everyday’.   

Many of them also linked with a deep rooted commitment to use art and culture as a force of change; to aid growth and change lives; offering unlimited possibilities to all. So audiences become more than observers, but by their participation they too are creating a long lasting legacy.


No matter what day, night, week or even year you are staying with us, it’s safe to say that across the plethora of amazing settings there will be something sensational to see, to do or to be part of.

Plymouth’s natural beauty, heritage, cosmopolitan flavour and rich cultural diversity is exactly  what offers our guests such a variety of ways to experience the amazing city we are proud to call home; to explore and truly enjoy Britain’s Ocean City.