10 Things That Make Plymouth GREAT…

Leisure break in Plymouth shopping centre, Devon UK

What Makes Our City Great..?

Here are  the TOP 10 factors that we think makes our city GREAT …


Many of the guests we talk to say that Plymouth is a great city and that they will be back. Although this is truly amazing to know and to hear, and of course can’t wait to welcome them back, we want to know…

What is it that makes a city great?

What is it that makes ‘our’ city great?

We look into the DNA of Britain’s Ocean City to discover just what it is that makes us feel that our home is one of the best in the world.

First of all, let’s look at the 10 things we are most proud of here in Plymouth.

It’s Exciting…

Never is there a day in Plymouth that can be classed as dull! Ok, sometimes the weather maybe, but this is the South West!

The sense of possibility is why Plymouthians seem to be so forgiving of the stresses and strains of city life. Certainly we work hard, but we also appreciate that our city is always evolving, enchanting and exciting.

There is ALWAYS something to do, and as a result always something new to see or be part of.

The buzz is what makes Plymouth GREAT!

It’s Beautiful

Beauty is everywhere in Plymouth. People say that Venice is the most beautiful city in the world; needless to say we think Plymouth should be up there too!

Described by many as breathtakingly unique and sensationally beautiful…

Each building is a work of art.  Plymouth’s architecture may not at first be seen as beautiful, but when you take a city that was hit so hard by the bombs,  then quickly rebuilds it with love, determination and pride (and yes, a little concrete too!) you see a very different side to the grey.

It’s sandwiched between the ocean and the moors, it’s nestled between the rest of Devon and Cornwall. Its beauty is within every aspect of its geographical location, its sea views, its thriving business community and the people that love it so.

Plymouth is truly stunning, that makes Plymouth GREAT!

It’s Tasty

We have everything and it’s ALL tasty!

Plymouth is alive with talent and our chefs are no exception. Our bars and restaurant scene has everything and more. Despite being hard to walk down the streets without feeling hungry, it’s a heavenly offering of tasty treats around every corner!

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a ‘Foodie’ to appreciate Plymouth’s food scene.  It’s not all pompous, not all quirky and certainly not all pretentious. It’s just all about your food experience, and Plymouth’s desire to make that experience a great one.

You can grab great street food at places like Supha’s, fantastic Fish & Chips, food on the go from great bakeries like Friary Mill and mouth watering artisan breads and cakes from places like the Column Bakehouse.

Restaurants such as The Mission  and others are amazing settings;  all  offering up great, fresh, local ingredient -with passionate people sharing their sensational offerings.

The food along with the people offering the food, that’s what makes Plymouth GREAT!

It’s Social

Plymouth people aren’t the only social things in our beautiful waterfront City.

Plymouth is a hot-spot of social enterprise activity in the UK and for that reason, in 2013 became a ‘social enterprise city’.

Plymouth University was also the first university in the world to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark. This was in recognition of working as a genuine social enterprise, caring for communities and protecting the planet.

Plymouth isn’t just about doing good business; the people in Plymouth are concerned with making a positive impact on the world as well as making a profit.

Plymouth is alive with purpose and passion. Many of the Plymouth’s advocates and stakeholders are brave, bold and curious leaders that inspire, whilst unlocking the potential and seeing the value in our community.

Plymouth is authentically growing a city that is about the why and the how, it’s not a gimmick or a marketing slogan, it’s just a fact!

Social Enterprise in Plymouth is a genuine mechanism to solve social problems while feeling connected to a higher purpose – that’s what makes Plymouth GREAT!

It’s Worth Exploring

Varied is something that is said about Plymouth all the time; but whats more,  it’s so true. Perhaps one of the very best ways to describe our Ocean City is just that, varied!

It’s character is overwhelming, hence if the UK was a theatre production, Plymouth would most certainly be the star of the show!

The interesting places to visit, mostly on foot and many of which  free lends itself to being one of the best holiday destinations in the UK.

Above all, the fun new developments fused magically with the rich and treasured history gives Plymouth an edge like no other.

Who wouldn’t want to explore something so divine..?

People love exploring Plymouth, that’s what makes it GREAT!

It’s History Is Rich

Plymouth really does have a history that entices many to take a walk back through time; exploring and unearthing Plymouth’s hidden gems.

The origins of Plymouth can be traced back to Saxon times! It has a history that naturally reflects its maritime location but what’s more, a history everyone is proud to tell.

It’s not just the sensational people; the William Hawkins, Sir Francis Drake,  Pilgrim Fathers and Lady Astor’s (to name just a few!) of our past that shine so brightly.  It’s the iconic Plymouth Gin distillery, farmland referred to in the Domesday Book in 1086, the citadel, the Dockyard, the part Plymouth played in the Second World War and SOOOO much more!

It’s history combined with it’s tomorrow is what makes Plymouth GREAT!

It’s Friendly

In the words of R.E.M – we are “Shiny, Happy People”!

Cities can be a bit of a paradox sometimes – thousands of people, somehow all feeling alone. But Plymouth is awash with smiles, making it a great destination for a family-friendly city break, for lone travellers to enjoy their escape and just about anyone looking for a warm, friendly welcome.

A favourite quote of ours, from a guest visiting Plymouth is that it is a ‘Bubbly City’!  So, for that reason, it goes without saying that our beautiful city has fun times written all over it!

Everyone in Plymouth is helpful, whether it’s offering directions, making recommendations or just simply offering a smile. Anyone can feel at home in Plymouth; with its storybook-like vista, colourful facades, cobbled streets and happy people.

Our happiness is what makes Plymouth GREAT!

It’s Culture

Plymouth Culture is rich, varied, of high quality and insanely sensational!

There isn’t a day that goes by that Plymouth isn’t hosting something great. Be it a festival, a fabulous production, an exciting performance, a fashion show, antiques fair … the list is endless!

There is not only a vibrant local music scene with some of the world’s best talent (made even more epic with the introduction of ‘Pavilions Introduces’) but simply the variety of culture on offer.

Plymouth Pavilions is a sensational venue, and now Pavilions Introduces is a hand curated program of events which showcases the South West’s finest talent.  Turning the outstaning setting into an intimate gig space, with bands like the Land Of The Giants and Tankus The Hence.

Plymouth is also home to the fabulous Barbican Theatre and The Box. The Box is a major project underway in the heart of Plymouth, a history centre like no other. But Plymouth is also home to so much more.

Theatre Royal Plymouth is the envy of many theatres; with its world premiers, award winning TR2 (the theatres production and learning centre) and their rich programme that offers something for everyone across their three stages.

What makes Plymouth great is not any one cultural activity; it’s the patchwork of all of them sewn together that makes Plymouth so GREAT!

It’s Happily Diverse

Plymouth is a city that welcomes change and diversity.  It supports people to be their very best and achieve their objectives, passions and vision.

It really empowers and enables people’s goals, embraces their backgrounds and their culture whilst always seeing their individual value.

Because of this openness to embrace diversity, Plymouth is awash with an amazing calendar of events, sensational exhibitions, an amazing range of restaurants offering food from all around the world and some amazing small retailers selling their native products.

It’s this mixture of Plymouth’s classical heritage, cultural evolution and diversity , as well as new innovations that really does make it, in our opinion, one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world.

Plymouth see’s diversity as an opportunity, not a challenge or problem and knows that all cultures can only thrive, when they are in contact with cultural diversity.

That’s What makes Plymouth GREAT!

That’s what we thing are the best 10 things about Plymouth, and to be honest we could have done 20, 30, 100! But we want to know, what is it about Plymouth that you think makes it so great..?