Our City & Our Culture…


We Are Proud Of Our City And It’s Culture…


Plymouth has been connecting, engaging and showcasing culture to audiences for years; it has become recognised by many of our guests as a rich and varied ‘Arts and Cultural Platform’.

Thought of to many like a waterfall; it both allows you to observe its beauty from a far (without getting wet!) or leap in with both feet, letting the water cascade over you whilst it takes your breath away.

Whether you class yourself as culturally aware or just enjoy the occasional show, exhibition or performance; Plymouth has something for everyone.

There is a large and ever evolving community in Plymouth that work passionately to create a programme of events and activities that both entertain, and cross boundaries; to help us escape from our ‘everyday’.   

Many of them also linked with a deep rooted commitment to use art and culture as a force of change; to aid growth and change lives; offering unlimited possibilities to all. So audiences become more than observers, but by their participation they too are creating a long lasting legacy.


No matter what day, night, week or even year you are staying with us, it’s safe to say that across the plethora of amazing settings there will be something sensational to see, to do or to be part of.

Plymouth’s natural beauty, heritage, cosmopolitan flavour and rich cultural diversity is exactly  what offers our guests such a variety of ways to experience the amazing city we are proud to call home; to explore and truly enjoy Britain’s Ocean City.