Fathers Day | Sunday 17th June

Fathers Day in Plymouth

Fathers Day Stays At Strathmore…

Fatherhood is not easy. Let’s face it, parenting of any kind is a full-contact sport that engages you physically, mentally and emotionally – and at times you feel like you have nothing left to give!

It’s an emotional roller-coaster and sometimes you just need to take a break…and that is more than OK!

Mothers Day is a widely recognised day that acknowledges Mum’s who all-too-often forsake self-care and time out for the sake of their families; it’s no surprise that Mothers Day gifts include spa breaks and time away from family, work and life responsibilities: but what about Dads?

Dad’s Fathers Day gifts can also recognise the hard working Dad Hero’s, those who football on a Saturday, coach on a Wednesday, stress over their little girls growing up too fast and the emotional burn as they hatch a plan to fight the ‘boys’ off the doorstep! Being a Dad has its stresses too and that’s why here at Strathmore House Apartments we look forward to welcoming parents on a break away from the norm!

Regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home or work-at-the-office parent, a single Mum or Dad or co-parent, you need to figure out how to make and have time for yourself and we think we have just the solution!

We recognise that a break away is essential and what better way than to celebrate Fathers Day and Mothers Day each year as a combined two day break; as parents we are all susceptible to the “putting everyone else first” – that fused with the challenge of modern working-parenthood life can be full on!

So parents, we urge you, check our availability today and make that booking for a two day retreat where you can just be you and have a few days where you can recharge, refocus and regroup…together.