Heritage Open Days…

Break out the bubbly, it’s time to celebrate!

Here at Strathmore House Apartments we LOVE to celebrate … and celebrate we will!

This year marks a very special occasion.  2019 brings us the SILVER anniversary of Heritage Open Days. For two and a half amazing decades, Heritage Open Days has shared historical and cultural greatness.

Heritage Open Days…

Established in 1994 as England’s contribution to the European Heritage Days, each September over 40,000 volunteers across England all contribute to over 5,000 events! These events celebrate and showcase our fantastic, rich and diverse history and culture; giving everyone amazing opportunities to see hidden places and try out new experiences – all of which are FREE to explore.

It is growing year on year and is already the country’s largest heritage festival and enjoyed by all of us. A national campaign that encompassing a huge range of heritage events and attractions.

Heritage Open Days has not only highlighted hidden gems and celebrates England’s riches, but also gives people the opportunity to come together and share the stories and history that matter the most to us all.


Exploring The Region…

There are 100’s of events planned across Devon & Cornwall this September. What’s more,  Strathmore House Apartments is in the perfect central location to explore all of them!

We have so much history on our doorstep, Heritage Open Days is the perfect platform to explore. It gives everyone a free way to learn and to get involved with everything that is on offer. There is so much that is rich and meaningful about our region, and of course our days gone by.

Find Out more…

To find out more visit their website: Heritage Open Days and to stay with us whilst you explore our history check our availability here.

Have fun delving into yesterday, whilst making memories that will last a lifetime.

#LYLM2019 – Love Your Local Market 2019

fruit and veg

Loving Plymouth is easy; Loving our Local Market…even easier!

Plymouth is known so well for our history, our beautiful vista and friendly community. Perhaps what isn’t so well known (yet!)  is that Plymouth has enjoyed the retail therapy offered by a Market Stall since 1253!


In 1253 the town was granted the right to hold a market, indeed Henry VI himself sealed the deal in 1440 by granting a ‘Royal Charter’ to the then Mayor of Plymouth and Commonality for ‘fairs, feasts & markets’.

plymouth street and market

Fairs, Fests & Markets…

Our community loves our market. Recently it has been under the lens and had much support from local investors, advocates and organisations. With a brilliant new re-brand it has seen a new lease of life, with many new traders taking up the opportunity to share their goods and services in a time honoured trade.

Today sees the first day of a national two week campaign called “Love Your Local Market”. The eighth year of NABMA’s campaigns; which is now successfully embraced in 24 different countries!

canvas bags

So we wanted to join the #LYLM2019 celebration and say: “We LOVE our market”!

Like most things in Plymouth, it won’t surprise many to hear that history is very prevalent in our market! Held under a Grade II Listed roof with families that have shared their stall for generations.

Not only can you grab a unique bargain, you can also enjoy amazing street food and relax with an afternoon coffee and cake.

Located in Plymouth’s ‘West End’ since 1959, it is open six days a week and is a definite must see when you are exploring Plymouth’s shopping scene.

To all the traders and friends of our eclectic little Aladdin’s cave thank you; thank you for being so very brilliant and utterly unique.