2020 – Looking Ahead…

pile of three books and reading glasses on a sofa with orange cushion

In hospitality, we are always looking ahead, making sure that we understand new trends and changes in the needs of our guests.

In January we are planning Christmas and in May we are looking to the summer … a year from now!

So, as 2020 edges closer in our ‘hospitality’ calendar, we take a look at how Strathmore House Apartments can align with shifts in the market and customer service.

Looking ahead to the future gives us the opportunity to prepare for any major trends and stay on point for our guests. We consider all new trends and challenges as opportunities to make experiences even better.

Here are two key areas that our guests tell us will continue to be essential for them in 2020, when choosing their holiday home away from home…

Sustainability & Environmental Impact |

We hear every day from guests that they value and expect our business choices to be as sustainable and ‘green’ as we can possibly make them; and that wont be changing.

Light sensors, recycling and up-cycling, using sustainable materials like locally sourced toiletries, and reducing single-use plastics are already outcomes of redeveloping our Environmental policy in 2017.

2020 will be much the same, and wherever and whenever possible we will ensure that our choices are as ‘green’ as they can possibly be without impacting or affecting our customer’s experiences.

Health & Well-being |

Increasingly, we know that our guests are seeking health and well-being benefits from their hospitality experiences; whether it’s through their food and catering choices or accommodation.

With our fully fitted kitchens, our guests have the ability to remain healthy and cook as they would at home. That coupled with the free use of Club Continental; a leisure complex with indoor heated pool, sauna, steam room and two air-conditioned gyms, means that looking after your health and wellbeing whilst staying with us is made easy!

We know that 2020 will bring new challenges and therefore opportunities for us to make experiences even better for our guests.

We can only anticipate so much, so we listen wholeheartedly to our guests and what they ‘need’ from Strathmore House Apartments.

If you would like to contact us about how you see the future needs of our guests evolving – we would love to hear from you.