2020 – Looking Ahead…

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In hospitality, we are always looking ahead, making sure that we understand new trends and changes in the needs of our guests.

In January we are planning Christmas and in May we are looking to the summer … a year from now!

So, as 2020 edges closer in our ‘hospitality’ calendar, we take a look at how Strathmore House Apartments can align with shifts in the market and customer service.

Looking ahead to the future gives us the opportunity to prepare for any major trends and stay on point for our guests. We consider all new trends and challenges as opportunities to make experiences even better.

Here are two key areas that our guests tell us will continue to be essential for them in 2020, when choosing their holiday home away from home…

Sustainability & Environmental Impact |

We hear every day from guests that they value and expect our business choices to be as sustainable and ‘green’ as we can possibly make them; and that wont be changing.

Light sensors, recycling and up-cycling, using sustainable materials like locally sourced toiletries, and reducing single-use plastics are already outcomes of redeveloping our Environmental policy in 2017.

2020 will be much the same, and wherever and whenever possible we will ensure that our choices are as ‘green’ as they can possibly be without impacting or affecting our customer’s experiences.

Health & Well-being |

Increasingly, we know that our guests are seeking health and well-being benefits from their hospitality experiences; whether it’s through their food and catering choices or accommodation.

With our fully fitted kitchens, our guests have the ability to remain healthy and cook as they would at home. That coupled with the free use of Club Continental; a leisure complex with indoor heated pool, sauna, steam room and two air-conditioned gyms, means that looking after your health and wellbeing whilst staying with us is made easy!

We know that 2020 will bring new challenges and therefore opportunities for us to make experiences even better for our guests.

We can only anticipate so much, so we listen wholeheartedly to our guests and what they ‘need’ from Strathmore House Apartments.

If you would like to contact us about how you see the future needs of our guests evolving – we would love to hear from you.

Our City & Our Culture…


We Are Proud Of Our City And It’s Culture…


Plymouth has been connecting, engaging and showcasing culture to audiences for years; it has become recognised by many of our guests as a rich and varied ‘Arts and Cultural Platform’.

Thought of to many like a waterfall; it both allows you to observe its beauty from a far (without getting wet!) or leap in with both feet, letting the water cascade over you whilst it takes your breath away.

Whether you class yourself as culturally aware or just enjoy the occasional show, exhibition or performance; Plymouth has something for everyone.

There is a large and ever evolving community in Plymouth that work passionately to create a programme of events and activities that both entertain, and cross boundaries; to help us escape from our ‘everyday’.   

Many of them also linked with a deep rooted commitment to use art and culture as a force of change; to aid growth and change lives; offering unlimited possibilities to all. So audiences become more than observers, but by their participation they too are creating a long lasting legacy.


No matter what day, night, week or even year you are staying with us, it’s safe to say that across the plethora of amazing settings there will be something sensational to see, to do or to be part of.

Plymouth’s natural beauty, heritage, cosmopolitan flavour and rich cultural diversity is exactly  what offers our guests such a variety of ways to experience the amazing city we are proud to call home; to explore and truly enjoy Britain’s Ocean City.

A Day To Celebrate Our History…

house with amazing blue sky

Plymouth has such a rich history. It also boasts an amazing list of advocates and pioneers; either calling it their home or going out of their way to ensure they played a part in the growth of both its social and economic landscape.

Here at Strathmore House Apartments, we are extremely proud to call Plymouth and Elliot Street our home; and so on this day, that celebrates inspiring women, we look to a neighbour who made not only Plymouth history, but British history too.

Lady Nancy Astor became the first female MP to take a seat in the House Of Commons in 1919, just 100 years ago!  Nancy represented the Plymouth ward of Sutton for 25 years. She was also Lady Mayoress of Plymouth during the Blitz.; a lady who had a deep and powerful conviction to help others; pushing for peace, progress and prosperity.

Her ‘Plymouth Home’ was at Number 3 Elliot Terrace. Just a stone’s throw from Strathmore House Apartments. It was designed by George Wightwick, a pupil of John Foulston and built by John Pethick in the 1870’s.

John was a leading Victorian property developer and the property was then acquired in 1908 by Waldorf Astor; when it then became the Astor’s Plymouth home.

The good things we build, end up building us…

Like Elliot Street, Elliot Terrace forms part of Plymouth’s iconic parade of Italianate buildings on the city’s world famous Hoe. And just like the buildings, the occupants of the day have also stood the test of time and are remembered today.

100 years on Plymouth is still celebrating Lady Astor’s great and many achievements.  A pioneer of day nurseries for working mums, a lady that understood passion drove change and that it wasn’t a case of tongue in cheek words, but hand on heart promises and actions.

Plymouth is bulging with beautiful buildings steeped in history, places of both extraordinary beauty but also striking pasts. The area in and around Elliot Street is no different. Famously standing strong during the Blitz and being home to some breathtaking moments in time.

A building can be beautiful, but when you understand a little about the part it played in history, suddenly that building becomes epic.

See for yourself…

Join us, come and see for yourself the extraordinary beauty and rich history that Plymouth has to offer; we know you won’t be disappointed.

Wedding Guests…

Five Ways To Ensure Your Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests Feel At Home In Your City…

Over the years we have loved welcoming out-of-town wedding guests to Plymouth. There is something so exciting about sharing a new city and a new life in one weekend! The smell of perfume and aftershave linger in the lift and the outfits are always on-point, stylish and super chic.

But what happens when your wedding guests don’t just live down the road? How do you welcome them and ensure they have a great time while you’re busy getting wedding ready?

We share 5 of our top tips on how to enable your guests to feel at home…

1) It’s all in the detail…

Your out-of-town guests will go through a lot of effort, and probably expense to share in your momentous occasion. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Part of your job though is to welcome them, but that’s easier said than done when you have so much to do before your special day.

To help them get around and ensure they stay entertained during their time in your home town a great tip is to create a wedding itinerary. After sending out your invitations, mail guests an additional clever, elegant or interesting ‘communiquè’ with a complete rundown of the events leading up to and following your walk down the aisle, with tips on what to do in spare time. We love hearing that couples have created a Facebook Wedding Group, or even websites! These are easily referenced one-stop-platforms for guests to check up on everything you have planned. In both cases, include key times, locations, who is hosting, what to wear and how to get there – then get them to tag in any pictures so you don’t miss out on all the fun that the guests have!

2) Welcome Hampers…

We adored the ‘welcome hampers’ left in the apartments for the arrival of a couples out-of-town friends. It was all things Plymouth and really aided their recovery from the long drive down South!

The purpose isn’t to show off or spend loads of money; home made cake or brownies would be perfect. It’s just nice to let guests know you appreciate their effort to join you for your special day.

The hampers that were left with us apparently had phone numbers of the families of the bride and groom, the names of the other guests staying in the apartments with a ‘they said call them when you arrive’ message, nearby hot spots to check out and local maps and transport details.  The tear-jerker for this family travelling down was a penned personal note from the bride; thanking her sister and family for making the journey.

Mid-week weddings at the New Continental Hotel, from just £1500 per package. 

3) Help Them With Their Home-From-Home…

Overnight accommodations, fuel and transport in general isn’t cheap, so doing some of the leg work for your guests, using your local knowledge, will really help them.

Hunt out important details, like train and coach times and prices, hotels and apartments.  Share websites, street addresses, phone numbers, directions and cost information with your guests and even go as far as to take a look around them so you can make personal recommendations.

Look for places to stay near your ceremony and reception sites, if you start calling around six months beforehand to check on  availability for the days surrounding your wedding. Always ask about group rates too.  Some settings will allow you to block rooms and apartments to ensure they are available and close to one another. Always ask.

Keeping an idea of your guests budget too; and always plan for those guests that may want to make a min-vacation out of your special day.

4) Show Off Your City…

Leading up to your big day, you will have lots to do and time will whizz by! But your out-of-town guests may feel a little stranded. To ensure they have plenty of literature and information visit your Tourist Information Centre and ask for a local pack of things to do, places to go and wheres good to eat. When we live in a city we tend not to ‘tourist’ very well. This way you too may find out some handy information, things for you to do once you’re married!

Make your wedding day extra special at the New Continental Hotel, Plymouth.

5) Enjoy Them…

It may sound daft, but enjoy their company. What better reason to see loved ones than them coming to celebrate with you. Soak in their love, their time and their presence. This is your day and they are beaming that they could make the journey to share it with you.


2020 Dates For Your Diary…

Mayflower 400  | 2020 | A Year Of Celebrations

As many of our guests book to return year on year; we thought we would share some exciting news and dates for 2020.

2020, the year of the Mayflower 400 Celebrations, a year set to be an exciting one for Plymouth and all who visit.

Within the hospitality sector, we are unsure of the ‘true’ impact it will have on Plymouth Tourism and the visitors economy, it’s a once in a lifetime celebration so we have nothing to compare it to!

We therefore don’t know how busy  it will be in comparison to other years that you have visited, but what we do know is it will certainly add value to your stay with us here in Plymouth.

Many of our guests have set times of the year that they visit us; but rest assure, no matter when you come in 2020, there WILL be things happening with a Mayflower spin for you to enjoy.

With all this in mind; I thought I would give you a heads up on what we know, and what is planned for the ‘remarkable’ year of history, culture and community!

What is it?

2020 is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage. One of the most integral journeys in global history and a defining moment in the shared history of Britain, the US and the Netherlands.

Plymouth is using this milestone as a unique opportunity to highlight Plymouth’s exceptional heritage; to promote our visitor offer to friends old and new; and to bring communities together to celebrate our city.

What will be happening?

The ‘Mayflower Programme’ will be a year of prime partnerships, of which Strathmore House Apartments will play a significant role. There will be 400 moments to explore all aspects of the Mayflower Voyage throughout the year of 2020, including: art, music, theatre, exhibitions, immersive storytelling, digital innovation, literature, crafts, sports, festivals, debates, business activities and much more.


Major new cultural attractions will open in Plymouth for 2020, including The Box, new heritage trails and the Elizabethan House.

Although still not set in stone, the rough date for these things will be March 2020 for the launch of the trails, April 2020 for the opening of The Box and The Elizabethan House  early in the year.

The Box is a £38m project, the symbol of 2020, a high profile gallery and history centre that will hold all of the Plymouth and Devon archives; it will be a must see for anyone visiting Plymouth.

By January 2020, there will have been a huge investment in the public realm, with new signage, water taxis and literature for the years events. There is said to be almost £200m to be invested in Plymouth by 2020. For those of you that love it as it is, please don’t worry; you will not miss the old – you will simply celebrate the newly transformed Plymouth.

You may have noticed seeing Plymouth advertised in your home towns; this is due to the national and international marketing programme. The city has been working hard celebrating not only our history, but also our future.

Signature Events…

Mayflower Ocean Festival | 4th-10 May 2020

This will celebrate Plymouth’s status as Britain’s Ocean City, aimed to get people on the water (inc events such as Transat, OSTAR & TWOSTAR races and Pirates weekend)

Mayflower Week | 14th-20th September

A week of activities, including;

  • A visit from a replica 15th century tall ship
  • Daily fly-bys
  • International field gun comp
  • The Navy’s Rehabilitation Triathlon
  • PLUS – two headline events yet to be revealed!

Mayflower Ceremony – 16th September

A four nations civic ceremony. This will be a united, city event, with mass participation throughout sectors, communities, schools and all over the city.

Mayflower Muster – 19th – 20th September  

Celebration event of the world’s foremost Navel basis; there will be a host of activities that will be truly breathtaking.

Illuminate will be the book end to the events in November 2019 and November 2020

An there’s more…


A production from the Theatre Royal Plymouth from the Wampanoag Tribe; this will be extraordinarily good as they are an amazing producing theatre,  plus Arts Council England are supporting  a series of events  throughout the year.

Culture Fund have also given investment to the city to create provoking experiences throughout the year. Settlement by The Consious Sisters and Cannupa Hanska are creating a large scale ‘radical’ installation in Central Park, it will run for 8 weeks in the summer exploring colonialism, migration and the deep effects of indigenous people.

A local favourite; Street Factory CIC will be bringing the city together with Hip Hop events. Le Navet Bete (a brilliant comedy/clowning theatre company) will be at the Barbican Theatre in August and September for a HILARIOUS production about 4 people trying to flee their past lives. They are BRILLIANT and a real must see!  There will also be three major artist events which will profile people of colour in the art sector.

In May, June and July there will be ‘Mayflower Music’ at historic venues in Plymouth, including St Andrews and The Guildhall.

There will be lots of film and video commissioned in art venues and community spaces and there will of course be Pride 2020 and lots more!

As you can see, the city that we all love will be full of vibrant and rich events and activities, many free to attend and all set to be totally inspiring.

We would love for you to join us in 2020, our apartments are listed on our website to give you time to book and plan your trip, and we will update everyone with as much information on the year as we can.

If you would like to keep in touch with the developments as they happen; follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook!

To a year of celebrations; to seeing you again soon!