Holiday Fitness at Club Continental…

New Continental Hotel’s leisure complex; Club Continental

Here at Strathmore House Apartments, we know only too well that with our hectic daily lives leaving us already juggling family, friends and work; it can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation and the time to work on our fitness.  What’s more, even harder when you’re on holiday!

They say that where there is a will there is a way, and yes in many cases that’s true; but on holiday, when you leave your Scalextric drive to the gym at home, it can sometimes be harder to stay motivated.

Holiday workouts can be a bone crushing bore, but NOT with Club Continental…

Club Continental is just a stone’s throw away form the apartments AND FREE to our guests – is so appealing. What’s more the team are friendly and motivating and will quickly get you familiar with the equipment. There is a sauna and steam room, heated indoor pool and two fully air-conditioned gyms.

Celebrating its 30th birthday this month, Club Continental has been at the heart of many transformations, life changing and inspirational stories but also friendships. Since Strathmore House Apartments opened, it has also served our guests well.

Open 7 days a week, to find out more visit Club Continental.