Blue Sea & Green Holidays In Britain’s Ocean City…

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In recent years, more and more of us have become especially aware and conscious of the environment. Many of us have decided to make more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives.

But how do we feel about the environment when we are on holiday..?

Are we still as conscious and do we not only want to take a break from work, but from environmental friendliness too?  

According to our guests that stay at Strathmore House Apartments; they still care, they are still very aware and they don’t want to take a break from being green..!

Even when our guests are holidaying, they tell us that they still want to be kind to our environment. We very much share their desire and philosophy, and so together we work hard to ensure we are doing all that we can to be greener.  By working together we can contribute to making a cleaner and safer environment and ensure that environmental issues receive the proper attention they deserve…even when we are on holiday!

Over the years, as an independent accommodation provider, we have always been acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities. We have been committed to green apartment policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for our future generations.

Although we care greatly about the environment, and we address our impact with great determination and passion, we also work hard to ensure that this no way hinders, impacts or jeopardises our guests’ positive holiday experiences. Because it really doesn’t have to!

We believe that sustainable tourism and environmental principles can actually enhance our enjoyment when on holiday. Yes it can save us all money – but it can also help us enjoy our time even more knowing that we have done our bit to make a better and brighter tomorrow.

Developed from the adage “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs” the idea of green-tourism isn’t a new one. But it is something that we can all continually contribute to.  Here at Strathmore House Apartments, we feel that there are three main areas that we can all challenge and effectively contribute to for a greener environment. All done by reducing our impact but still having holiday fun!

These main areas are themed around:  travel, accommodation and our day to day holiday choices.  

With our serviced apartments, you have complete control over your energy, water and waste. Our guests have complete control of their electricity, lighting, washing, heating and food wastage – and many have told us how this autonomy alone, when they are environmentally conscious, really matters to them.

We have made environmentally conscious decisions to help you along the way, such as sensor controlled lighting in all of our public areas, LED bulbs in the apartments and water-saving devices on taps and showers. None of which make any difference to your experiences, but small differences that add up to big change over the years.

At Strathmore House Apartments, we recognise the impact that our business has on the environment and we will always aim to be an increasingly efficient, green and environmentally friendly organisation.  We aim to minimise as many of the detrimental effects that are a result of our family business.

It isn’t just us at Strathmore House Apartments that care greatly, but Plymouth as a whole. We believe that Plymouth is one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities, not only do you find a spectacularly beautiful city, but also a city full of heart, passion and pride – what more could you ask for from your holiday destination!