Fish n’ Chips..!

Fish & Chips In Britain's Ocean City

Fish n’ Chip Supper!

Fish & Chips, a prominent dish on the cobbles of Britain’s Ocean City; with the aroma of salt and vinegar creating a nautical rumble in your tummy as you pass by! They say a little of what you fancy does you no harm; and by golly are we grateful for this ‘free pass’ to enjoy a battered cod upon a steaming portion of crispy chips!

There are a plethora of amazing restaurants to tantalise your taste-buds in Plymouth, but the odd take-away, eaten upon your lap looking out over the sound makes for the perfect of memories during your stay in our beautifully historic city.

Our top tip to guests visiting Plymouth between now and September 2018 is a visit to Rockfish, who are extending their “£3 local Fish Friday” deal! Here you can enjoy local fish and chips from the Rockfish Takeaway from 5pm each Friday, and although there is closures on the footbridge that leads you to their sensational restaurant and take-away, a discount option is available if parking in Lockyer’s Quay car park or if using the Silverline ferry.

Since the 17th century battered fish has been enjoyed by many; and why try fixing something that isn’t broken! Indulge, enjoy and feel Plymouth in every delicious mouthful!