Holidays Fueled By The Bean Scene..!

Like many, here at Strathmore House Apartments we all love to enjoy a great coffee…or two!

Maybe it stems from too many evenings watching that famous group of friends sitting in their local coffee house, enjoying a catch up! Although it’s now been more than 20 years since Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe came together after their daily grind; it’s still a vision that many of us hold when we think about catching up with ‘friends’ over coffee!

Plymouth is a destination rich with many wonders; sea air, sensational history, innovation and amazing individuals who aspire to create greatness here in Britain’s Ocean City for our visiting friends to enjoy. And although the whole of the UK has been swept away by the coffee current over recent years; many restaurants here in Plymouth also understand just how important a great coffee really is.

The Mission Bar & Restaurant is a prime example of a setting that has got it bang on the coffee! This 19th century Thomas Mission Hall, with its high ceilings and aromatic smells from the kitchen, is the perfect place to settle for a flavoursome coffee with friends, the perfect stopgap whilst exploring Plymouth. Cushioned between the city centre and the historic Barbican, neatly placed amongst the cobbles, their coffee and venue is the perfect blend.

This stunning, intimate, perfectly formed neighbourhood restaurant serves coffee from The Devon Coffee Company. Born in 2011, The Devon Coffee Company has grown from a co-operative of café owners looking to improve their coffee quality to a Speciality Coffee Roaster who supply and support 100’s of businesses across the South West.

The Mission serves their Arabica of the Americas; a Zesty Blend of Light and Dark beans to produce sweetness with a dry fruity finish. With ripe juicy black cherry, dried fruits and a syrupy caramel finish, its smooth and wonderfully rich.

So while you are exploring the delights of Plymouth why not pop in and try a cup; always served with a smile we are sure you will be impressed not only with the coffee, but the service and venue too.

The Mission Bar & Restaurant | Sir John Hawkins Square, Palace Street, Plymouth PL1 2AY  | Tel: 01752 229955  | Email: | Open Tuesday – Saturday 12/3pm & 5/9.30pm

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