The voice of the sea speaks to the soul…

lady jumping with green trees either side in the sunshine

Since 2001 the Mental Health Foundation have run an awareness week every May to highlight a specific theme for mental health.  This years theme is body image; running from today until Sunday 19th May.  

Here at Starthmore House Apartments, people really matter to us.

We spend a great deal of time talking about the beauty of our city and the many amazing reasons why escaping here is so truly wonderful. But rarely do we speak about a deeper reasons why sometimes it’s good to escape.

Today, thanks to #mentalhealthawarenessweek, we have decided to be brave ourselves and talk openly about how Britain’s Ocean City has spoken to so many people’s soul – and helped shine a light on positive mental health.

We talk to some amazing guests who retreat to Plymouth on a regular basis to recharge; and to be a little more mindful of their own needs.

This blog isn’t about us. This is us saying you matter. This is us sharing what others say about how much it means to them to spend time in our city by the sea.

It’s about why we all deserve to give ourselves moments and time; time to be more mindful of what WE need.

We also asked what they each bring with them on their break away. To help inspire us, be it during our lunch break or a short escape away. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoyed exploring why other love Plymouth as much as we do!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their honesty and time…


“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul…”

Guest One |

“I travel to Plymouth at least three times a year from London. It’s only ever for a few days, normally a long weekend.  It’s become exactly what I need; for me.

I studied in Plymouth for my degree, I enjoyed my time here but for me it’s not just about reminiscing or escaping to soak in the vista. It’s not just turning the out of office on – for me this has become my lifeline. My tonic.

I no longer feel guilty when people ask why I didn’t take the kids. For me it’s not selfish, it makes me better at everything I do – it make me a better version of me. 

I walk, I write and I read. A few nights and a couple of days that belong to only me.

I highly recommend getting away. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, or even for days.  Perhaps first  start by just scheduling a day which is just about you – no distractions!

My Item: “I take a note book and pen and my headphones. I listen to podcasts and I write lines I like or that inspire me. Then I keep going back to them when I’m home. It’s become a special journal to me, and I would be lost without it now!”

Guest Two |

“Plymouth is so unique. They say the best gift you can give someone is appreciating them for being in your life – yet how many times do we take the time to appreciate ourselves; our bravery, curiosity and determination. Rarely ever!

A walk around Smeatons Tower when I am in Plymouth, and it really helps me breath in life! It helps me appreciate the moment.

Whatever situation is causing me to feel anxious or powerless at the time – seeing the sea and feeling the wind on my skin really helps ground me, it lets me see a clearer path ahead.

My Item: Me and my thoughts!

Guest Three |

“A ‘beach summer holiday abroad’ is not for us! The thought actually throws panic in the air for me; suddenly a feeling washes over me like the greyest clouds on a winter’s day!  I don’t want to even contemplate donning a costume! In my 20’s it was all I longed for, now in my 50’s its just not!!!

But,  that doesn’t mean that I know that holidays with my husband aren’t important and we love Plymouth. With young grandchildren, life is busy and we both made goals to put our needs first and let go of the guilt and the negative thoughts that are sometimes attached to ‘getting away’ for some us time.

Plymouth is perfect for us. The sea, the moors the Theatre and the food! It has absolutely everything we need and want. We love having date nights, dressing up and walking around holding hands.

It’s the little things that become the big things; after 39 years of marriage, to want to spend time together is pretty remarkable! Next year is our 40th Wedding Anniversary and a big year for Plymouth – we have already booked our week away! “

Our Items: “We have always loved to read. So, when we go away we take two books each. One that we choose for each other to read, and one that we choose for ourselves. I’m not sure if it’s after so long being together or not, but ironically, we often prefer the book we choose for each other!”