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What’s In A City..?

Welcome to Plymouth.

A green, blue, yellow and grey dazzling patchwork city. A pioneer of marine, culture, engineering, tourism and enterprise. A platform for beauty and eccentricity.

Welcome to our exhilarating and endlessly intriguing city by the sea!

If you haven’t been before, perhaps you are wondering what all the fuss is about! Let us let you into the secret of our city by the sea…

Let’s scratch the surface…

With one of the world most impressive natural harbours and the Mayflower Steps on the blue side. A city regenerated with passion and pride after WW2 bombing on the sparkling grey side. To miles of craggy, beach-fringed coastlines.  Along with heady hills, moody moorland and wonderful woodlands on the green side; Britain’s Ocean City is more than just one colour – it’s a never-ending feast for the eyes and soul!

There is a lot to see and do, but there is just one perfect base to see all of it; Strathmore House Apartments!


Just moments away from our 1,2,3 & 4 bedroomed serviced apartments are the Barbican’s cobbled streets. Then, a stone’s throw stands Smeatons Tower, proudly watching over The Hoe. There are trendsetting shops on the high street, with cafés and restaurants filling the air with the aroma of fresh, seasonal ingredients being cooked to perfection.

Living History

Plymouth’s story stretches back to the Bronze Age! Between now and the so much of Plymouth’s make-up has been pioneering. For instance, in 1254 it gained status as a town and in 1439, became the first town in England to be granted a Charter by Parliament. The city is also awash, both from our past and in our present of inventors, eccentrics, dreamers and entrepreneurs. We are a city that is in constant pursuit of opportunity, survival but also revival.

It’s fascinating to think that Plymouth connects to some of the all-time greats; Charles Darwin, Lady Nancy Astor, John Foulston, Brunnel and Sir Francis Drake – these name just a few!

It’s not the biggest city in the world, but it packs a rich and impressive history into its pint-sized shores!

Urban Experiences

Our city centre is also not to be shunted; yes our vista is exceptional but our shopping and food offer is amazing too. The Barbican and City Centre encompass everything from top name brands to quirky and impressive independents. Plymouth is a trend-setter, a history-maker and game changer when it comes to fashion and style, in parts thanks to the amazing creative scene. There is a varied urban landscape to explore in and around Plymouth too, with clusters of smaller areas like Plymstock, Stoke and Devonport that offer their own history and amazing opportunities for unique and bespoke retail therapy!

Wherever you find yourself in and around Plymouth, expect urban adventures aplenty.

Cultural Everywhere  

Art is seen by some as a luxury. To Plymouth, Art and Culture is seen as an everyday in every way!

2020 is a big year for the cultural scene in Plymouth. It commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s journey to America. Plymouth is using this milestone to connect education, military, sports, tourism and business sectors to the core of many of the celebrations; and the Plymouth Culture scene is right there too!

The Mayflower 400 commemorations have many partners who are working together to help artists and arts organisations in Plymouth’s cultural sector create projects which explore the Mayflower 400 story.

Plymouth really is the cultural centre of Devon and Cornwall and there is always something to enjoy in Plymouth no matter what the day, week, month or year! From amazing art to family fun, brilliant music to fabulous festivals and plenty of historic attractions.

Plymouth has been the home to legendary artists such as Beryl Cook, Robert Lenkiewicz and Sir Joshua Reynolds. It’s a platform and springboard that connects young, fresh new talent to the world and not forgetting that Plymouth has a thriving art scene of its own.

There are independent galleries, regular public events including outdoor theatre productions, open-air cinemas, and arts and crafts markets. Upon every twist and turn is a cultural explosion of Art, Theatre, Live Performances, Galleries and more. An offer so diverse and eclectic you can’t be anything but amazed.

Our city is truly inspiring and beautiful, with kindness and pride at the core. If you haven’t been to Britain’s Ocean City that you really need to plan your trip now! Stay with us; we’ll help you explore and fall in love with our city by the sea.

Illuminate Plymouth | 28th November – 1st December 2019

Plymouth is an ambitious and inspiring city…

Britain’s Ocean City is full of beauty and innovation at every turn; Plymouth always has something wonderful to see, do or be part of. One of those ‘things’ is an event that has quickly become one of the city’s best-love FREE out door event…


Illuminate Plymouth welcomes thousands of people of all ages each year to Plymouth. It runs across four FABULOUS days and has added a real richness to Plymouth’s dynamic and eclectic programme of events and activities.

It’s a series of dazzling installations and projections that make Plymouth shine brightly. The festival also provides the most vibrant, fun and inspiring experience for EVERYONE!

This year it will run from 28th November – 1st December from the festival centre at Royal William Yard.

BUT WAIT! This year there is more…

New for 2019 there will be additional light installations across the city at the Barbican, the Watefront and Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park.

Illuminate is a free event and is open to everyone and a stunning event for people of all ages.

The installations can be viewed by boat, on foot or  bike. You can wander around and explore the works at your leisure, or perhaps follow one of the dedicated routes which enhance the experience.

This 4-day event will open the Mayflower 400 commemorations and is inspired by the values of freedom, humanity, imagination, and future. The festival offers a host of workshops, installations, performances and projections with various opportunities for you to take part in activities or simply wonder at the spectacular illuminations.


Claire Honey, Project Manager for the festival, said: “In 2018, Illuminate stunned with incredible light installations, interactive artworks and spectacular projections from local, national and international artists. The festival was enjoyed by over 28,000 people across the four days. Now a multi-site festival we’re really excited to welcome new artists creating awe-inspiring light art to inspire visitors of all ages.”

Adrian Vinken OBE, Chair Mayflower 400 and Destination Plymouth, said: “Growing on the back of previous years’ festivals Illuminate has become a real highlight in Plymouth’s annual events calendar. It’s such a special event and we’re thrilled that this year it will act as the opening moment of the Mayflower 400 commemorations, not just in Plymouth but across the whole country.”


FREE City Centre Yoga Sessions…

Plymouth yoga

Led again by Sian Ridpath of Yoga at the Gardens; you are in the safest of hands! Sian is a yoga instructor with over 200 hours of teacher training and certified by the Yoga Alliance. This is an opportunity NOT to miss!  To book your free place on one of the 4 sessions, click here. But be quick!

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…

plymouth sound

There is nothing that makes you smile more than a holiday. Make that a holiday in Plymouth and your smile gets a whole heap bigger! But being by the sea isn’t just a ‘nice’ thing to do…it’s a healthy thing too!

Plymouth is one of the single most beautiful coastal landscapes in the South of England; but it’s also a tonic.

Visiting Plymouth is GOOD FOR YOU. Our city by the sea has several really fantastic benefits to your health and well-being. Here are our top THREE reasons why Plymouth isn’t just a beautiful choice; it’s a healthy one too.

A Great Night’s Sleep…

Being by the sea really helps if you’re a light sleeper or you struggle to fall asleep. The sea air is cleaner and fresher and so with the higher levels of oxygen, it really can improve sleep.

What’s more, studies have proven that it’s not only the sea air, but the sea sounds too. The noise of the ocean is soothing for your brain. So, hearing the waves and the noises of the sea can not only help you relax, but it can help clear your mind, lower stress and strengthen your immune system.

There is also something in appreciating the vastness of the ocean, like the nights sky. It can help put things into perspective; those niggling small worries float away as you gaze in awe at the waves and the horizon.

Plug Into the Ions Not The Iphones…

There is something we should all take advantage of when we are holidaying beside the sea, the negative ions in the air!

Negative ions increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing the debilitating effects of excessive positive ions in your environment. They are often described as a natural antidepressant.

In our every days, we are exposed to so much; computers, television and electronics; we are surrounded by a lot of positive ions. So, when on holiday in Plymouth take an hour without your  phones and gadgets and increase your exposure to negative ions. It will enhance your immune system, increase alertness and improve your concentration.

Beauty Brings Out The Active In You …

Holidaying by the sea is like having the most amazing treadmill! You will just want to walk the coast line and soak up the vista.  Especially here in Plymouth.

When you walk along the World-famous Plymouth Hoe Promenade, it really is quite breath-taking.  There are a number of really amazing walks and cycle routes in and around Plymouth and once you start, you wont want to stop!

If you can see yourself holidaying by the sea; then join us here at Strathmore House Apartments. The perfect home away from home in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. 

5 Reasons Why We All Need Date Nights…

Make The Moments…

We don’t need the countless studies by researchers, marriage counsellors and the like to know that taking time out with the one you love is essential for our happiness within a relationship.

Whether you have been together for 6 months or 6 years,  it’s easy to lose romance and feel distant from your lover.

Sometimes it can feel like you house share and occupy the same calendar from time to time, instead of feeling that close connection we all long for. What makes things even harder is the fast pace of life. Juggling work, children, in-laws and the endless commitments we have when trying to adult!

We need to stop making excuses and set aside a little time to spend with the one we love. That way, our relationships will be happier, stronger and more fun! 

Here at Strathmore House Apartments we love hearing about our guests who are making the time to take time for a romantic break away.

It doesn’t have to be costly either; for just £70 a night, a one bedroom apartment can make the perfect nest to reconnect.

It may be hard to schedule a date night once a week, or even once a month due to work, babysitters and life; but a short break away once a year … well that could be the perfect remedy.

We play Cupid here at Strathmore House Apartments and share the top FIVE reasons why we think a romantic break away is just what the LOVE Doctor ordered…


Sometimes you can be plagued with loneliness even in a relationship. This is no ones fault. Sadly it’s just life. However a romantic date night or weekend break allows couples to stay current with each other’s lives. Many couples are very busy, with little together time, so it’s important to catch up on what has been going on in one another’s lives. This can help each spouse support the other but also grow together; being stronger and more united.

A much needed break…

Even though we love our children, we still need a break from them sometimes! We all need some ‘adult’ alone time. What’s more, there is nothing wrong or selfish about it! It’s nice to have time one on one, where you don’t have to worry about household chores, cooking or little ears listening! It’s nice to take a step back from the bills and important life choices that are always encompassing us and take a break; but most importantly laugh while you love, have fun and make memories!

Rekindle the spark…

Date nights are for remembering why you fell in love in the firs place. If you don’t go on dates often, then a weekend treat away is the perfect time to get the sparks flying again! One on one time can remind you of what life was like before children, washing baskets and empty fridges! Stress brings out the worst in everyone, so at Strathmore House Apartments we keep stress at the door so you can concentrate on fun.

Fill your love tank…

Sometimes you don’t realise your love tank is empty until it’s too late! A date in the diary for a couple of days away will help both of you to get through the everyday; ready for the one day. Getting away fills your ‘love tank’ so you can navigate the stresses of life together, ready for the next time!

Lead by example…

One of the most important things about a happy relationship is the lessons it bestows on our little ones. When children see  relationships are important, they  grow up with a great bench mark for their own relationships.  By seeing you go on dates; by seeing you come back happy, knowing that you are in a loving relationship, it helps them see that positive relationships are important. When children see this, it really helps them develop independence, self esteem and a good understanding of what well-being looks like.

Your Romantic Break Away …

Whether you live 5 minutes down the road or 5 hours up the motorway; Strathmore House Apartment is the perfect setting for a romantic break away. Two nights in a one bedroom apartment can cost as little as £140. There is everything you need and more and the location is perfect. Plus you have free access to Club Continental where you can start the relaxing and unwinding and chill-out together. With everything on your doorstep, you can walk holding hands; stop for a coffee (or wine) and just enjoy some you time.

Check availability and make that date – your heart deserves it.

Just Your Cup Of Tea …

For nearly five thousand years, people have been enjoying tea, but nothing really says ‘British’ quite like a ‘cuppa’!

As a nation, we have been drinking it for over 350 years! So, it should have come as no surprise that our guests favourite tipple whilst on holiday was …


Tea of course … (followed swiftly by Plymouth Gin of course!)

Here at Strathmore House Apartments we love a cup of tea! And we find it fascinating how personal tea drinking can be! A dash of milk here, a lot of milk there, a hint or a heap of sugar… It’s intriguing to think that one drink can offer so much variation! No matter how you drink your tea though; tea remains the most widely consumed beverage in the entire world.  With the British famously believing that almost anything can be cured by a cup!

As we can never be too far removed from holidays or Plymouth, we realised that there was an interesting parallel between tea and Strathmore House Apartments!

Like tea, Strathmore House Apartments are the perfect demonstration of how one single thing can feel bespoke and tailor made for every single one …


A Short Break…

You can stay with us for just two nights and still have a wonderful time exploring the beauty of Plymouth. Our location means that you are in the centre of all the action. You can absorb all the sights and sounds of Plymouth’s enchantment. Within very close proximity to the town centre, the amazing shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment, all within walking distance and just a short stroll.

At Strathmore House Apartments you are on the doorstep and perfectly central to the plethora of riches on offer in Plymouth.

A Longer Stay…

Strathmore House Apartments offer the perfect accommodation base for a longer stay in Plymouth. Whether you are relocating, waiting for a house sale to go through or just want to set up a temporary base on Plymouth; we have 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments perfect for a transitory home.

Set within the historic, Victorian building, the stunning architecture is twinned with the high quality interiors providing the perfect union of traditional style and contemporary luxury.

Plymouth really is a city that will spoil you, and Strathmore House Apartments are situated on beautiful Elliot Street, the area is home to some breathtaking Victorian architecture and alive with history; which continues to provide us with a calming rhythm, sincere sense of style and everlasting elegance of the era.

The Barcode Is Coming …

The Barcode…

A £53million cinema and restaurant complex here in Plymouth is a lot more than just an oversized looking barcode! This amazing complex will house a 12-screen Cineworld IMAX 4DX cinema – the first IMAX in Devon and Cornwall! It will also be home to Paradise Island Adventure Golf and some new restaurants too.

If you already thought Plymouth was packed with wonder, then this monochromatic wonderland will simply add to the amazing array of activities that Britain’s Ocean City has to offer.

What a week…

The first wave of opening will be on October 21st when Five guys, Nando’s and Zizzi open their doors. Then on October 22nd Cineworld and Cosy Club will follow. By Thursday 24th October Paradise Island Adventure Golf will open; and to add to the excitement Drake Circus will be changing their opening hours too!

From Monday 21st October Plymouth’s Drake Circus will be extending their hours so visitors can really make the most of the leisure offer here in our stunning city by the sea.

The new hours will be:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat 9.30am-7pm

Thu 9.30am-8pm

Sun 11am-5pm

Drake Circus The Barcode will span more than 100,000 sq ft and will offer an additional element to our visitors’ itineraries when they are staying in Britain’s Ocean City.

Perhaps one of Plymouth’s most vast demonstrations of figure-ground; the building has already settled into the skyline and when you next visit, it will surely be worth a scan!

2020 | A Wonderful Year For Plymouth …


Plymouth is revving its 2020 engine…

The noise is getting louder! The plans are getting closer! The events calendar is having every ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed! Mayflower400 is almost here!

With 2020 comes over 400 moments to explore EVERY aspect of the Mayflower voyage. I wonder if 400 years ago they could have imagined such celebrations?

There will be art, music, theatre, exhibitions, storytelling, digital innovation, literature, crafts, festivals, debates and that’s just mentioning a hand-full!  Included in the year will be a diverse approach to the themes of Imagination, Humanity, Freedom and Future. There won’t be a week out of the 52 that doesn’t have a nod in the direction of Mayflower.

2020 will not only be a year for Plymouth to be proud. It will be a year whereby Plymouth will welcome many new friends, from all over the globe.

The Mayflower 400 programme will explore all aspects of the Mayflower history and legacy. Nevertheless, the year won’t only mark a historical moment. It won’t only unfold a legacy, but will also be shaping things to come.


There are many things that Plymouth does well, and one of them is most defiantly the annual calendar of events. Signature events that happen every year, and that grow and grow in popularity, foot fall and wonder.

Events ranging from the British Fireworks Championship through to the Seafood Festival … with more in between and ether side! Don’t Worry Though! These events aren’t going anywhere next year! They will remain and they will continue to grow throughout 2020. All that will happen is that they will take on a Mayflower 400 twist; the energy and excitement will be an all time high – making 2020 a great years to visit!

So, whether you are a new visitor or a long-time friend, next year is the perfect year to visit our city by the sea. Stay with us to be in the centre of the action, in the glorious home from home comfort of a serviced apartment.

Coast Into Winter | A Fabulous Summer In The City By The Sea…

With our strong sense of purpose, passion and pride for Plymouth; we truly appreciate the width and breadth on offer for our visitors all year through.

Summer In The City gives thousands of guests the opportunity to explore the riches on offer. Britain’s Ocean City takes a unique shape in comparison to other city destinations in the UK. It has a wealth of history and heritage. Its cultural heartbeat creates a rhythm that is rich and varied; and offers a plethora of opportunities and activities for everyone.

With so much to see and do; Strathmore House Apartments know it’s essential that guests visiting Plymouth have somewhere so stay. Somewhere that matches the creativity and innovation on offer. With the Winter season almost upon us, the fun and laughter doesn’t end just because the sunnier days are behind us!

Winter Wonderland…

Our city will soon be awash with beautiful sparkling Christmas lights and of course the ever popular Christmas Markets. There really is something so magical about Christmas in Plymouth. No matter how old you are! The magic never seems to fade; even with the stress of finding the right gifts!

Join Us …

Battling the crowds in a city-centre precinct can make Christmas shopping a grim endurance test. That’s why we love the Christmas Market approach – especially when you use it as an excuse for a short break away!

A tradition claimed by the Germans, the first of which is believed to have been held in Munich in the year 1310. It was once called a Winter market, then eventually became known as Christmas markets. From stopping for coffee breaks and warm pastries, visiting the markets and enjoying scenic boat rides. There are countless things to do in Plymouth during the winter season.

With wooden stalls and beautiful sights, as well as sensational, unique gifts to inspire; there is everything you could possibly desire. Of course no festive season is complete without a grand platter of amazing street food, as vendors fill the air with their tantalising delights! Then, as night descends the smell of homemade mulled wine; as its rustic spice entices your senses and tastes better than anything else!

Every city looks the most beautiful when the people there are happy and content. With Christmas being the most joyous time of the year, and Plymouth so seasoned in putting on the most magical time, the streets are full of laughter, good experiences, and the opportunity for you to not only buy the best gifts, but make the most beautiful memories.

More than 300 unique individual stalls are spread across 10 sites in the northwestern city, offering food, drinks, crafts and gifts in a winding trail that takes in a lot of the city’s main streets. A melting pot of nationalities, the Christmas markets in Manchester are famous for traditional bratwurst but you can also treat yourself to Hungarian goulash, Spanish paella or a good old-fashioned hog roast. Manchester is the third largest city in the UK with plenty of things to do all year round, but Christmas is perhaps when it shines brightest.

Small Bites …

When: Nov 28-Dec 19 2019

Where: In the heart of the city

Why:Log cabins and other seasonal stalls, festooned with fairy lights, will house traders from the South West and beyond, selling everything from handmade jewellery and clothing, to artwork and homewares.

What time: More information coming soon!


A Short Break Itinerary For Our City By The Sea…

plymouth sound

We know that not everyone has the chance to take a long break in Plymouth.  To really soak up all that this beautiful city has on offer; and that’s ok! At Strathmore House Apartments you are on the doorstep to the plethora of riches on offer in Plymouth. So, it makes it really easy to pack in all the wonders in just a long-weekend or a short break.

Situated on Elliot Street, the area is home to some breathtaking Victorian architecture and alive with history; which continues to provide us with a calming rhythm, sincere sense of style and everlasting elegance of the era.

A Short Stroll From All The Sights…

A short stroll away you will find Plymouth Hoe, which forms the natural heart of Plymouth. With its breathtaking views across Plymouth Sound, you can see why it is one of the most perfect natural harbours in the world. With terraced cafes and cliff edged bars and restaurants; you can grab a coffee whilst absorbing the sounds and smell of the sea air. It really is the perfect treat and by far the nicest way to appreciate Plymouths history.

Standing tall on the green-lawned expanse and hard to miss is the iconic Smeaton’s Tower. A place enjoyed over the years by many, not least The Beatles! Open throughout the year it offers a beautiful vantage point from its stunning lantern room.

The local hero is of course Sir Francis Drake. You will see him immortalised in a statue on the Hoe.  In the place he finished his game on the green before heading off to defeat the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Then to Plymouth’s modern heroes. The troops of 29 Commando Royal Artillery, based in the beautiful Royal Citadel. Here you will see the most impressive 17th century fortress in Britain.

On the Hoe you will also stumble across our large outdoor, salt water pool; Tinside Lido. Built in 1935 providing a cooling retreat on those hot summer days. With  fountains, inflatable fun sessions and stunning views across Plymouth Sound. Complete with a sunbathing terrace, loungers, deckchairs and wet-suit hire all with disabled access. What is truly charming about the Lido is they still allow you to take your own refreshments and picnics.  Making a great spot to open your wicker baskets and flasks, grab a deckchair and enjoy lunch with a view!

To The Left, To The Left..!

Continue your stroll to the left of Smeaton’s Tower and you will discover the very beautiful Plymouth Barbican. Dazzling you with its charm and wealth of history, like a wise old owl, packed with knowledge and oozing history. From the Pilgrim Fathers who set sail aboard the Mayflower Ship in 1620 from the Mayflower Steps; to the home of Plymouth Gin and it’s fine Distillery. Hints of the talented artist Robert Lenkiewicz can be seen and some quirky, independent shops and of course delicious fish and chips!   Here you can also hop on a water-taxi and explore our city by the sea.

To The Right, To The Right..!

Following the coast to your right of Smeatons Tower you have the newly developed Millbay; showcasing the areas engineering past and stunning seascapes. The view of the Millbay basin which was designed and built by distinguished engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1857; is remarkable. The gorgeous vista encompassing boats and catamarans bobbing sleepily in the marina and Drake’s Island beyond is the perfect backdrop after a busy day.

Close by you can also find the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in Europe; The Royal William Yard. These former Royal Naval victualling buildings are alive with cafes, bars, restaurants, museum, art galleries and shops, making a great place to soak up the atmosphere and stunning backdrop that nightfall brings.

Looking out across Plymouth Sound you can also spy a historic island fortress with an underground network of tunnels called Drakes Island. The island boasts a 16th Century barracks and a pier and its history is rooted deeply in the DNA of Plymouth. Sir Francis Drake departed from the island in 1577 and he returned to the same spot three years later, after travelling the globe.

Drake’s Island now has a new custodian, Morgan Phillips, who has amazing plans to restore it for the people of Plymouth and visitors to the city.

Adding to your list of must sees whilst in Plymouth is Devonport, a place that is well worth a visit if you have time and like history.

Moving Along…

Formerly named Plymouth Dock, Devonport is home to Devonport Park, the oldest formal public park in Plymouth and the fabulous Devonport Guildhall. Nestled in the heart of Devonport, the Guildhall and Column are historic gems and now home to an amazing artisan baker, and old morgue, local artist’s exhibitions in the Cells and much, much more!

The high ground that you see in Devonport is called Mount Wise, standing tall to protect the coastal approach to the dockyard. You also have the very beautiful Richmond Walk.

Moving back in land, Plymouth is the largest centre for shopping in the South West, outside of Bristol. It features many independent retailers, market stalls, as well as national and international brands and high street favourites. The City Centre is pedestrianised, so you can take your time wondering around picking up unique finds and visiting our landmark shopping centre, Drake Circus.

And there you have it! A pre-made itinerary that can be enjoyed on foot over two or three days. An itinerary full of diverse riches of offer in Britain’s Ocean City!