Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street…

A luxurious getaway, offering not only a truly chic and modern holiday, but oodles of history too. Strathmore House Apartments – set within the heart of Britain’s Ocean City, and in the heart of days gone by…

Strathmore House Apartments is set on the south coast of Devon in Britain’s Ocean City. Plymouth is well documented as one of Britain’s Martine  gems, being home to Sir Francis Drake and the place where Captain James Cook set off to discover Australia. But even for those not as interested in ships and exploration, Plymouth is home to so much more!

Just a five-minute walk from many of Plymouth’s wonders, Strathmore House Apartments boast 16 individually decorated apartments,  with fully functioning kitchens, bathrooms and their own home from home comforts.

The apartments have a history dating back to 1879, when plans were first submitted and approved for the original houses on Elliot Street to be built. To this day, despite Plymouth’s World War 2 bombing, where miraculously the road suffered very little damage, the area oozes a quintessentially chic ambience.

The street is named after the then owner of the land, at the time an area for cattle grazing and forming part of the Hoe Fields estate. The owner was Colonel John Elliot, the Lieutenant Colonel of the East India Company.

Many sensational individuals who are marked in history resided on Elliot Street.  Including the wartime Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Waldorf Astor and his notorious wife, Nancy Astor.

Although the area survived the bombing, in the 1940’s there was a terrible fire in Strathmore House Apartments, then Strathmore Hotel, when a barrage balloon landed on the building causing great destruction and a terrible fire.

In just one street of Plymouth there is a huge amount of sensational history, and a footprint that has carved monumental moments in time, history both compelling and in some cases quite overwhelming.

Its future has yet been written. But what we do know for sure, if you choose Strathmore House Apartments to be your holiday home, your memories will last equally as long as those created through the decades that have past.