Does Your Perfume Match Your Holiday Destination..?

The best holiday perfume

Like choosing anything; where we go, what we like and how we smell…our choices tell a very real truth about who we are!

You just have to hear ‘I holiday in the South Of France‘ and already i’m thinking charming markets, picnics in hampers, Champagne, yacht shoes and a hint of Chanel Number 5!

BUT…Can we really stereotype in this way?

We did a little survey, nothing serious, just a fun girly chat to help us decide..!

We concluded that scents, like people and destinations are very personal when it comes to what we like. In a room full of ladies, none of us liked exactly the same! But can your scent say anything about you; and can that then tell us where we might like to holiday??

Let’s ready, steady AROMA!


The women that likes musk… From our fun research, the girl that likes a musky tone would say she was a little mysterious, very curious and always in pursuit of opportunities. Like a modern day version of Rita Hayworth, this girl prefers patchouli notes for their evocative effect. She draws you in with her artful mind and quick, funny tongue. She is elegant, clever, unique and loves a good vintage find. She feels that memories are more important than anything of monetary value and loves a destination that can open her mind.  She loves historic architecture and a bargain, so a sunny destination with markets, in a country steeped in culture and a glass of red wine in hand as she soaks in the atmosphere and waits for the sun to set.



The women that likes floral…Floral scents are for the woman who is happy, free and always lighting up a room. A strong character and not easily pressured into anything! A charming and sensitive soul, always with a smile, even when it’s worn as a mask! Her ideal vacation is some place warm, sunny and easy-going, much like her disposition. She will be strolling in bare foot given half the chance, turning strangers into friends. He holiday wardrobe will be silks and crêpe fabrics – all effortlessly impeccable. Floral lovers, like their flowery notes, are strong ladies. Not only can you smell them from a mile away, but you can also hear them coming with their joyful energy.

Imagine Leighton Meester in her sun hat with a book and a sunny cocktail in hand!

Plymouth style


The women who likes it fresh and fruity…  A lady who always smells refreshingly bright and is vibrant, charming and always invited to every event, party and occasion. Energetic and likes outdoor activities, adventures and just being busy making the most of every day. They wont be happy just sitting in a resort, but hungry to fill their day with action and adventure! Her holiday wardrobe is well designed and she is never without something she needs. Although organised, she is also playfull and bubbly, a great partner in crime for any holiday! Up for anything, she will lighten the mood and inject plenty of fun into your holiday.  She will try every cocktail on the menu and will then put the umbrella in her hair…and any passers by!



The women who is all about classic… She is timeless, sophisticated, polished and refined. She’s seductive, desirable and terribly intriguing, mimicking the notes of bergamot and neroli she leaves in her wake. The classic woman enjoys the finer things in life, like lavish dinner parties, luxurious hotels and the boutiques in Paris. She is always well put together, and can read people with 100% accuracy. If she pays for bells and whistles – she expects to receive bells and whistles!

This cosmopolitan women wants to see the world – with the highest star rating possible. She doesn’t need anyone, she knows her mind and would have no problem holidaying alone. She has the perfect passport case with matching hand luggage and the smartest sunglasses in town! Think Jackie Onassis; calm, clever and classy.



The women with the earthy tones… Think sandalwood and amber notes swirling in the air and you will see this women, exploring every corner with a bohemian skirt, creased linen and distressed jeans, with a satchel slung over her shoulder and a paper map in her hand …full of her scribbles and doodles.

You will be transfixed with her effortless silhouette, big, bouncy curls and unique style.  The earthy girl smells as uninhibited and bold as her disposition. Her interests, like her music, are varied and different to that of the majority. Not afraid to stand out she will holiday in places that no one else can find on the map, let alone think of going to visit!

If you holiday with her you will be guaranteed to find something new, a hidden gem and certainly everything you discover will be off the beaten track! Music, art, history – her big, worn leather backpack has seen many a mile and had many experiences. This is the lady who has tags on her luggage bags from 1998 and a passport full of stamps. Well travelled and well placed as the perfect holiday buddy! She will always have paid the least in any airport for her travels – a seasoned traveller and a bargain hunter.

She’s grounded in every sense of the word and with her common sense and practical thinking, you will always be safe with her by your side.



The women who is oh so sweet… She is addictive. If you have had a bad day – you need here! She is innocent, funny, caring and kind. Optimistic and positive. She finds herself in the centre of all attention, not by choice but just because she is her!

Her youthful charisma and free spirit means that she will holiday wherever you like! She will be happy no matter what – as long her companions are happy! Her holiday wardrobe will have matching accessories for every outfit, with pretty lace and lots of baby pink. If you want to let your inner child out on holiday, she is your girl. Waterparks, theme parks and candy floss with plenty of laughs and selfies! A girly-girl who doesn’t mind being silly with her pals to make their holiday fun.




Let us know if our girly chit chat tells a tale (or smells) anything like you! Leave a message with your scent and your last holiday destination – let’s see if we really can deceiver our holiday choices through how we like to smell!