The Love Doctor Is Calling…

stylish holidays in Devon a couple enjoying romance

Being In Love Is Lovely…

Sharing your life, making memories and having someone there at the end of a long day or week makes everything feel better and brighter. But even when we have found love, we shouldn’t be complaisant. We all need to make time to reconnect with each other and sparkle together. It’s too easy to let work, life, children and bills sweep us away from each other; to lose sight of our love. Demanding jobs, screaming toddlers and hectic social diaries leave little time for love. Sometimes months can slip by without engaging in meaningful conversations or simply enjoying a snugly night in.

Spending easy and fun time together is essential for love to blossom and here at Strathmore House Apartments, we love, love!

When couples spend a couple of nights with us, we love seeing sparkle return. The excitement in their eyes when they first arrive, with two precious days ahead of them, and two cosy evenings!

Once you have decided that a break away is what the love doctor ordered; the fun planning and packing adds to the anticipation of the mystery and magic ahead.

Relationships grow best when your mind and body is given time to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the very fabric of life; and with Britain’s Ocean City being packed with beauty and events no matter what time of the year, a break away is the perfect growing time for any and all relationships.

So, If you are looking for one of the most romantic getaways you will ever have, visit Plymouth for love and laughter and make happy memories you can cherish forever. Here at Strathmore House Apartments you can have the privacy you need and the space you deserve.  You can star gaze over the tides, have romantic outdoor picnics, enjoy private dinners, and relax in our luxurious apartments with a black and white move and bottle of something nice – or have a duvet day and simply be!

Whatever you need, whatever you want, here you can have it all.

Let us help you fall in love all over again! Two nights start at just £160 per apartment; but the value of alone time is priceless. X