The Newest Member Of Plymouth’s Landmarks…

Poised with her message; The Messenger…

Plymouth is blessed with a rich history and many remarkable tales of individuals who have done, and who do, tremendous things.

It’s also a cultural city by the sea; giving it a sensational springboard that connects holiday makers with its deep-rooted arts and cultural scene and spectacular vista.

Guests staying at Strathmore House Apartments recently might have noticed that there is a new landmark in Plymouth. The largest cast bronze sculpture in the whole of the UK now lives outside the entrance to the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

With a stance that is quite unique; this seven metre, almost 10 tonne bronze beauty was brought to life by Cornish artist Joseph Hillier. The sculpture itself was inspired by a split-second pose which was struck by an actor during a rehearsal for the award-winning production of Othello.

Asked for our thoughts…

Like many things, we are asked by our guests for our opinions on places to visit and eat, but most recently we have been asked for our honest thoughts on ‘The Messenger’.

Although inspired by the pose, we feel she also represents a great deal more…

Like the artist himself, we believe that Theatre is so much more than just a home for putting a great show on the stage. Its actors breathing life into words; its audiences being captivated by the messages carried through the auditorium; it’s using art and culture to make deep rooted, significant change within communities. Yes its theatre, but by golly it’s also so much more!

Although not the official explanation, for that you can head over to the custodians themselves on the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s website, we see this sculpture as a  metaphor for what great theatre does within a community and for its patrons.

It carries a message. It encourages debate and opinions that usually differ; and most of all truly great theatre makes us ask questions and share thoughts.

The Messenger will no doubt be like Marmite! People will either love her or hate her!  But the point is, is if we were all the same, wouldn’t that be a boring message!

Theatre Royal Plymouth…

Theatre Royal Plymouth is the premier arts organisation in the South West, with many amazing and diverse performances on its stages there is always a show for everyone. For more information on what to see, visit their website for their new season brochure and book you stay (and maybe play) today!

For more information from the custodians themselves, please visit the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s website.

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