The Perfect Tonic…

Plymouth Gin and Strathmore House Apartments; your holiday tonic!

Three parts gin, one part tonic and a whole dollop of holiday fun!  Strathmore House Apartments will leave you tempted and taken by Plymouth’s many offerings…

Just a short stroll from the beautiful Plymouth Barbican and those sensational botanicals, offered by legendary Plymouth Gin. Strathmore House Apartments are at the very epicentre of sensational holidaying.

British Gin is in vogue, why you ask, let’s see..!

Gin has quite the history! And although glamorous and plentiful in the roaring Twenties, it hasn’t always been the case!  In the Sixties Gin lost its privileged position in Britain’s cocktail cabinets, like many things, fashion predicts what’s hot and what’s not!

New World Wines took centre stage for the postwar generation, along with Rum and Vodka, putting Gin on the back shelf. In the 60,s, 70’s and 80’s those who were held in high regard amongst the dining and drinking scene considered gin & tonic drinkers to be out of touch with what’s ‘in! Those drinkers labelled with also enjoying prawn cocktails, Melba toast, Black Forest gateau and aperitifs! Dated!

It wasn’t until the end of the 90’s that Gin took a step back into the ‘lime’ light! Hendrick’s and Martin Miller’s slowly but surely led the gin phenomenon, reversing the image problem that had been created in the previous decades.

Now, in 2018, Gin has never been so popular! On the doorstep of Strathmore House Apartments, you can find one of the oldest working distilleries in Europe. Plymouth Gin has been making its gin according to the original recipe since 1793 and is knows across the globe as one of the finest examples of Gin. With a plethora of history, sensational tastes and a fabulous tour – Plymouth Gin is certainly a drink and destination not to be missed!