Where Eight Become One Again…

Why do family holiday’s matter so much?

They matter because for most of us, our annual family holiday is our lifetime sanity help line!

The safety net that stops us as we hurtle towards the deck and aids us from becoming rocking wrecks in the corner!  OK! Perhaps a little dramatic – but I am sure we can all agree; a holiday is an escape. Our chance to run away from the 9-5’s, the early starts, the PE kits and football training – the normal, everyday LIFE, something a little less Argggghhh and a little more ahhhh!

It is the chance we look forward to, to reconnect with our family, to make plans for our future, to realign with the people we love the most, but perhaps forget to show the most often.

Once the car is loaded and the road trip begins the family dynamic snaps back into that sunny disposition. Our suitcases packed up and our worries left at home!

At Strathmore House Apartments, we know that although escaping is essential, feeling at home is crucial. That’s why all you need to pack are the things you need for you, we have all the things you need for life sorted!

Our home from home has everything; just fill the hangers with your clothes, the bathroom with your toiletries and the apartments with your laughter. Everything else will be waiting for you.

So gather your family. Pack up your car. Come make memories that will last a lifetime. Summer Holiday for a week in our Four Bedroom Apartment, where eight will soon become one again!