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We Are Featured In DevonLife…

Strathmore House Apartments; stylish holidays in Plymouth, Devon…

We are so excited to announce that Strathmore House Apartments has been featured in DevonLife.

There is nothing quite like reading reviews, thank you cards and notes from people who have had a great experience in our apartments. It fills us with a warmth knowing that we helped people make great memories during their time in our beautiful city.

So, when we see our apartments featured in a beautiful magazine…WOW!

DevonLife have the very best lens over our region. They use a narrative that really showcases the wonders of Devon and all it has to offer. When we saw Strathmore House Apartments featured in their magazine, it was a truly tremendous feeling.

At the beginning of the months, we had so much fun telling the team at DevonLife all about our serviced apartments. Further more, we loved talking about the amazing guests that come and stay with us. From celebrities,  families, couples having a romantic break away; to those just making the apartments their home from home. 

We also shared our journey, renovating Strathmore Hotel, a 55 bedroom hotel, into what are now our family owned serviced apartments. Located in the heart of Plymouth we really believe we offer something unique to travellers visiting Britain’s Ocean City.

We are also thrilled not only to have the fabulous photographs taken by the sensational photographer Richard Downer, but also presenting new home-grown talent.  A student studying at Plymouth College of Art, Jack Kruyswijk.

Above all, we really hope that if you’re planning a holiday in Devon and of course, Plymouth in particular, that Strathmore House Apartments might be a consideration. We hope to tick all the boxes in your search for the perfect accommodation, no matter what your holiday needs.

The article is nestled in the DevonLife Out & About section.  You can read the article HERE to learn more about Strathmore House Apartments and how these stylish apartments could be yours for as little as just £80 per night!


October Half-Term…

October half-term little boy playing in the autumn leaves

The October half-term is an unusual one. It’s both the last school half-term holiday of the year, but also the first half-term of the academic year. It’s not going to offer you the sunny days of summer, nor does it hold the same excitement as the Christmas holidays.

It can feel for many like a real milestone; but also the last chance to step off the treadmill before Christmas gets festively frantic!  Our weekends get chocca and our family time dissolves, children’s clubs, juggling work and home life balance, of course all fused with internet shopping and planning when the post-man can deliver the parcels. There are so many things that hit the top of our to do lists that it’s all too easy to neglect family time just chilling!

So, how do we make the most of this half term? We need to keep within a good budget because November and December empty our pockets, but we also need to tightly grasp the last bit of sanity before the years out..!

If you’re struggling for inspiration, here at Strathmore House Apartments we may just be able to help; a mini break away might be just the ticket. A two or three night break away is sometimes all it takes to really de-stress and unwind in preparation for what’s to come.

Join Us In Plymouth…

Plymouth provides a great way to keep the whole family entertained, and can be as enjoyable for parents as it is for children.

Here is a really comprehensive list of what’s on in Plymouth throughout October; giving plenty of free activities as well as ticketed ones too.

Check availability for our one, two, three and four bedroom apartments and see if a mini break in Plymouth can provide you with the rest bite you need to refuel before Christmas.


When Fashion Meets Apartment Living…

When FASHION meets Apartment living…

If like many of us, you have every room in your home undergoing a chic interior design transformation…but in your mind; you plan that minimalist look with clean lines and room to entertain; then you realise that actually, for your day to day living, it wouldn’t always be the most practical.

We think we have the answer…

Not all of us can live like Tommy Hilfiger on a day to day basis; the fashion designer with his sleek and well designed apartment on 5th Avenue really does appear to have apartment living in the ‘bag’!! But, we can all experience some sleek apartment living in a beautiful city, if you stay at Strathmore House Apartments.

The results of this home from home experience are breathtaking, whether the love doctor is calling and its a romantic retreat, or perhaps eight become one on a family vacation, Strathmore House Apartments are the perfect choice…with no DIY required to get that stylish look!

Apartment vacations are becoming increasingly fashionable across the globe, offering a great way to experience a cities truth and beauty.  Like many serviced apartments. Strathmore House Apartments are set in a great location, just a stones throw from the sea and minutes walk to the city.

We hear from some of our fashionable guests, just why Strathmore House Apartments was their preferred holiday destination:

Todd & Annie – visiting for leisure from Cambridge

“We like being near a city, especially a city like Plymouth that has so much to offer. Being near the theatre and restaurants for evening entertainment and not worrying about taxis, as well as being able to walk for fresh coffee and sea-views before a stroll into the shops, we didn’t know quite how good the location of Strathmore House Apartments were; now we know, we will back!” 

Mr & Mrs Jenkin – visting from Redruth to see family

“Our first time of staying in an apartment in Plymouth, but it was perfect. The grandchildren stayed over with us on one of the nights which was a real treat and wouldn’t have been so easy in a hotel. We baked and played and it really was a perfect home from home for us. We didn’t choose Strathmore House Apartments because we wanted an apartment, but now we don’t know why we didn’t do it before. Next trip is now planned for Christmas time, when we will get a four bedroom apartment so everyone can stay over!”

Martin & Bill – visiting from Reading

“We love city life but we also like to stay somewhere that doesn’t feel like its right in the middle of the city!  Something that offers a little greenery is particularly attractive because you can wake up and enjoy some peace; we did find local gardens, but for us, to have the sea air just a moment away was just the tonic after our busy evenings. You are still close enough to walk into the city but you are not in the thick of it at Strathmore House Apartments, which is just perfect.”

Whatever your getaway desires, we have an apartment with your name on, so check our availability today and make plans for that perfect, fashionable escape!

Does Your Perfume Match Your Holiday Destination..?

The best holiday perfume

Like choosing anything; where we go, what we like and how we smell…our choices tell a very real truth about who we are!

You just have to hear ‘I holiday in the South Of France‘ and already i’m thinking charming markets, picnics in hampers, Champagne, yacht shoes and a hint of Chanel Number 5!

BUT…Can we really stereotype in this way?

We did a little survey, nothing serious, just a fun girly chat to help us decide..!

We concluded that scents, like people and destinations are very personal when it comes to what we like. In a room full of ladies, none of us liked exactly the same! But can your scent say anything about you; and can that then tell us where we might like to holiday??

Let’s ready, steady AROMA!


The women that likes musk… From our fun research, the girl that likes a musky tone would say she was a little mysterious, very curious and always in pursuit of opportunities. Like a modern day version of Rita Hayworth, this girl prefers patchouli notes for their evocative effect. She draws you in with her artful mind and quick, funny tongue. She is elegant, clever, unique and loves a good vintage find. She feels that memories are more important than anything of monetary value and loves a destination that can open her mind.  She loves historic architecture and a bargain, so a sunny destination with markets, in a country steeped in culture and a glass of red wine in hand as she soaks in the atmosphere and waits for the sun to set.



The women that likes floral…Floral scents are for the woman who is happy, free and always lighting up a room. A strong character and not easily pressured into anything! A charming and sensitive soul, always with a smile, even when it’s worn as a mask! Her ideal vacation is some place warm, sunny and easy-going, much like her disposition. She will be strolling in bare foot given half the chance, turning strangers into friends. He holiday wardrobe will be silks and crêpe fabrics – all effortlessly impeccable. Floral lovers, like their flowery notes, are strong ladies. Not only can you smell them from a mile away, but you can also hear them coming with their joyful energy.

Imagine Leighton Meester in her sun hat with a book and a sunny cocktail in hand!

Plymouth style


The women who likes it fresh and fruity…  A lady who always smells refreshingly bright and is vibrant, charming and always invited to every event, party and occasion. Energetic and likes outdoor activities, adventures and just being busy making the most of every day. They wont be happy just sitting in a resort, but hungry to fill their day with action and adventure! Her holiday wardrobe is well designed and she is never without something she needs. Although organised, she is also playfull and bubbly, a great partner in crime for any holiday! Up for anything, she will lighten the mood and inject plenty of fun into your holiday.  She will try every cocktail on the menu and will then put the umbrella in her hair…and any passers by!



The women who is all about classic… She is timeless, sophisticated, polished and refined. She’s seductive, desirable and terribly intriguing, mimicking the notes of bergamot and neroli she leaves in her wake. The classic woman enjoys the finer things in life, like lavish dinner parties, luxurious hotels and the boutiques in Paris. She is always well put together, and can read people with 100% accuracy. If she pays for bells and whistles – she expects to receive bells and whistles!

This cosmopolitan women wants to see the world – with the highest star rating possible. She doesn’t need anyone, she knows her mind and would have no problem holidaying alone. She has the perfect passport case with matching hand luggage and the smartest sunglasses in town! Think Jackie Onassis; calm, clever and classy.



The women with the earthy tones… Think sandalwood and amber notes swirling in the air and you will see this women, exploring every corner with a bohemian skirt, creased linen and distressed jeans, with a satchel slung over her shoulder and a paper map in her hand …full of her scribbles and doodles.

You will be transfixed with her effortless silhouette, big, bouncy curls and unique style.  The earthy girl smells as uninhibited and bold as her disposition. Her interests, like her music, are varied and different to that of the majority. Not afraid to stand out she will holiday in places that no one else can find on the map, let alone think of going to visit!

If you holiday with her you will be guaranteed to find something new, a hidden gem and certainly everything you discover will be off the beaten track! Music, art, history – her big, worn leather backpack has seen many a mile and had many experiences. This is the lady who has tags on her luggage bags from 1998 and a passport full of stamps. Well travelled and well placed as the perfect holiday buddy! She will always have paid the least in any airport for her travels – a seasoned traveller and a bargain hunter.

She’s grounded in every sense of the word and with her common sense and practical thinking, you will always be safe with her by your side.



The women who is oh so sweet… She is addictive. If you have had a bad day – you need here! She is innocent, funny, caring and kind. Optimistic and positive. She finds herself in the centre of all attention, not by choice but just because she is her!

Her youthful charisma and free spirit means that she will holiday wherever you like! She will be happy no matter what – as long her companions are happy! Her holiday wardrobe will have matching accessories for every outfit, with pretty lace and lots of baby pink. If you want to let your inner child out on holiday, she is your girl. Waterparks, theme parks and candy floss with plenty of laughs and selfies! A girly-girl who doesn’t mind being silly with her pals to make their holiday fun.




Let us know if our girly chit chat tells a tale (or smells) anything like you! Leave a message with your scent and your last holiday destination – let’s see if we really can deceiver our holiday choices through how we like to smell! 

Me & Mrs Jones…

Holiday in Plymouth


We love nothing more than hearing from our guests about their time at Strathmore House Apartments. Whether they are leisure guests, travelling to Plymouth on business or simply visiting family and friends, we love to hear their thoughts on their stay.

We sat down and took five minutes to hear from John and Wendy about why they had returned to Plymouth and Strathmore House Apartments this August for the 5th year in a row…

It was lovely to welcome you back, how did you find your time in Plymouth this year?

We adore Plymouth; it holds a lot of great memories for us. When our children were young we used to come in our caravan and we had many a happy summer holiday. Then as they got older, we started to do foreign trips and now we have come full cycle and are back making more memories, this year with our grandchildren.

Why do you like Strathmore House Apartments?

It’s convenient and we like the privacy that it offers.  John plays golf and so when he is out in the car, I can still be out and about as everything can be done on foot. It’s such a great location. I also like cooking, we don’t really enjoy eating out so having the kitchen with everything I need works for us.

Has it been a different holiday this year with the Grandchildren?

Yes, and we are glad of the comfy bed at the end of the day more than ever! It’s been lovely to see the other apartments too. John and I have only stayed in a one bedroom apartment in the past, so to have a four bedroom apartment with the upstairs and downstairs has been lovely. The one bedroom apartments are really roomy and great for just us, but this has felt like a real treat – and the grandchildren have really appreciated the space and the big TV!

Did you get to see a different side to Plymouth this year?

Yes, it was nice to take them to The Hoe and on the Gus Honeybun train – we have a picture of our daughter on it when she was young and now one of our granddaughter  with the same expression and a bag of candy floss! We also went to the Aquarium which John and I haven’t done before.

Will you be back next year?

We have actually booked to come back in December, just John and I. We haven’t been to Plymouth at that time of the year and would like to see the Christmas Market.

Is there anything you and John would change, or improve at Strathmore House Apartments?

No. It’s just perfect for us; we really enjoy everything about it. We are now talking to our friends who want to join us next year. They live in France and so we thought Plymouth would be a good city to meet as they always come back on the ferry, and normally drive up to us in Cambridge.

If you want to find out more about how you can make your holiday memories happy ones in Plymouth – we would love to hear from you.

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Blue Sea & Green Holidays In Britain’s Ocean City…

best accomodation in plymouth

In recent years, more and more of us have become especially aware and conscious of the environment. Many of us have decided to make more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives.

But how do we feel about the environment when we are on holiday..?

Are we still as conscious and do we not only want to take a break from work, but from environmental friendliness too?  

According to our guests that stay at Strathmore House Apartments; they still care, they are still very aware and they don’t want to take a break from being green..!

Even when our guests are holidaying, they tell us that they still want to be kind to our environment. We very much share their desire and philosophy, and so together we work hard to ensure we are doing all that we can to be greener.  By working together we can contribute to making a cleaner and safer environment and ensure that environmental issues receive the proper attention they deserve…even when we are on holiday!

Over the years, as an independent accommodation provider, we have always been acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities. We have been committed to green apartment policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for our future generations.

Although we care greatly about the environment, and we address our impact with great determination and passion, we also work hard to ensure that this no way hinders, impacts or jeopardises our guests’ positive holiday experiences. Because it really doesn’t have to!

We believe that sustainable tourism and environmental principles can actually enhance our enjoyment when on holiday. Yes it can save us all money – but it can also help us enjoy our time even more knowing that we have done our bit to make a better and brighter tomorrow.

Developed from the adage “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs” the idea of green-tourism isn’t a new one. But it is something that we can all continually contribute to.  Here at Strathmore House Apartments, we feel that there are three main areas that we can all challenge and effectively contribute to for a greener environment. All done by reducing our impact but still having holiday fun!

These main areas are themed around:  travel, accommodation and our day to day holiday choices.  

With our serviced apartments, you have complete control over your energy, water and waste. Our guests have complete control of their electricity, lighting, washing, heating and food wastage – and many have told us how this autonomy alone, when they are environmentally conscious, really matters to them.

We have made environmentally conscious decisions to help you along the way, such as sensor controlled lighting in all of our public areas, LED bulbs in the apartments and water-saving devices on taps and showers. None of which make any difference to your experiences, but small differences that add up to big change over the years.

At Strathmore House Apartments, we recognise the impact that our business has on the environment and we will always aim to be an increasingly efficient, green and environmentally friendly organisation.  We aim to minimise as many of the detrimental effects that are a result of our family business.

It isn’t just us at Strathmore House Apartments that care greatly, but Plymouth as a whole. We believe that Plymouth is one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities, not only do you find a spectacularly beautiful city, but also a city full of heart, passion and pride – what more could you ask for from your holiday destination!




Plymouth Seafood Festival 2018…

15 Sept 2018 – 16 Sept 2018

Plymouth Seafood Festival is back for its 7th year and is set to bring The Barbican and Sutton Harbour alive with entertainment, activities and dishes to celebrate the city’s fantastic caught seafood.

Strathmore House Apartments are part of a family portfolio of businesses in Plymouth, amongst which we have the New Continental Hotel, The Mission, KUKU and The Dock. For the third year running we will be involved in the Seafood Festival here in Plymouth and Paul Doidge, Executive Chef for the group explains why this is so important to our family business:

It’s an absolute honour to be part of Plymouth’s Seafood Festival once again this year, representing both The Mission and KUKU Sushi Bar & Robata – but also the long and rich heritage of fishing in Plymouth. I have such tremendous respect for those that make their living at sea and one of the highlights of my day is my message, telling me of the fresh catches.

As a chef; transparency, quality and freshness is essential, and with such amazing local suppliers we get just that. What I love about the Seafood Festival is it’s a celebration that is shared with everyone attending and showcasing the wealth of our seafood history! Like Flavour Fest, it really is another back patting moment for the city and their events team.   

For me, fresh seafood has always been on my menus must have list  – being both healthy and delicious!  Whether you are looking for a sophisticated dining experience or a casual lunch, there is always something that works.  As chefs, we strive to leave all of our guests mesmerised by simple tastes, made with the finest ingredients and served with passion; so when you get a chance to work with such amazing food such as fresh mackerel,  mussels, sea bass and crab – it’s a joy.

There is still a  misconception by some, that chefs working within coastal cities mainly prepare battered fish and chips – of course a popular choice and a remarkable dish, but the variety of seafood on offer in Plymouth is quite something.  We have the amazing task of working with local suppliers, providing us with the most amazing produce – meaning our teams are constantly experimenting with tastes and new creations.  Fish and seafood cookery can be a real point of anxiety for many chefs, but for us, it’s a treat! 



Plymouth is the first city in the world to be awarded the Fish2Fork Blue City status for its commitment to sourcing sustainable fish. Between Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 September 2018 there will be opportunities to watch inspirational, regional and celebrity chefs (including Paul Doidge) who will delight you with their tantalising dishes at the Cookery Theatre. Wonder the array of local food and craft stands and be entertained.

For more details about the event, please see here! 


Continue reading “Plymouth Seafood Festival 2018…”

Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street…

A luxurious getaway, offering not only a truly chic and modern holiday, but oodles of history too. Strathmore House Apartments – set within the heart of Britain’s Ocean City, and in the heart of days gone by…

Strathmore House Apartments is set on the south coast of Devon in Britain’s Ocean City. Plymouth is well documented as one of Britain’s Martine  gems, being home to Sir Francis Drake and the place where Captain James Cook set off to discover Australia. But even for those not as interested in ships and exploration, Plymouth is home to so much more!

Just a five-minute walk from many of Plymouth’s wonders, Strathmore House Apartments boast 16 individually decorated apartments,  with fully functioning kitchens, bathrooms and their own home from home comforts.

The apartments have a history dating back to 1879, when plans were first submitted and approved for the original houses on Elliot Street to be built. To this day, despite Plymouth’s World War 2 bombing, where miraculously the road suffered very little damage, the area oozes a quintessentially chic ambience.

The street is named after the then owner of the land, at the time an area for cattle grazing and forming part of the Hoe Fields estate. The owner was Colonel John Elliot, the Lieutenant Colonel of the East India Company.

Many sensational individuals who are marked in history resided on Elliot Street.  Including the wartime Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Waldorf Astor and his notorious wife, Nancy Astor.

Although the area survived the bombing, in the 1940’s there was a terrible fire in Strathmore House Apartments, then Strathmore Hotel, when a barrage balloon landed on the building causing great destruction and a terrible fire.

In just one street of Plymouth there is a huge amount of sensational history, and a footprint that has carved monumental moments in time, history both compelling and in some cases quite overwhelming.

Its future has yet been written. But what we do know for sure, if you choose Strathmore House Apartments to be your holiday home, your memories will last equally as long as those created through the decades that have past.


Don’t Just Pack Your Dancing Shoes…

where to stay in plymouth
Paths Are Made By Walking; And Memories Are Made Here…

Plymouth is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Cushioned between the sensational city centre shopping district and the beautiful sea; there are an abundance of shops, culture and the finest dining in the world.

Holidaying in Plymouth is breath taking, and what’s more, it lends itself to being on foot!

Walking holidays, through our cobbled streets and with our sea views, having time for cultural exploration, really is a holiday like no other. No rushing or frantic parking escapades; just calm and tranquil down time in Plymouth. Our public transport makes being connected super easy. With buses, ferries and plenty of taxi ranks; you can really enjoy your adventures in and around Britain’s Ocean City.

If you are visiting Plymouth with a comfy pair of flats and the intention of walking from beauty spot to beauty spot, with maybe a fuel stop in between, you will be combining fantastic vistas with mind-blowing historic landmarks – and great shopping!

The contrast of sleek and chic mixed with history and heritage is what Plymouth does so well. Discovery and relaxation (and many other sides to our city destination) leaves you wanting to come back again and again, year after year.

If you have the travel bug and are torn between walking holidays, mindfulness retreats and experiencing fine food…look no further!

You can tailor make the perfect balance of activity and adventure with downtime tranquillity for your perfect holiday. Unearth the many secret wonders and hidden gems Plymouth has to offer, all you need to do is pack the right shoes and book your stay with us..!

The Perfect Tonic…

Plymouth Gin and Strathmore House Apartments; your holiday tonic!

Three parts gin, one part tonic and a whole dollop of holiday fun!  Strathmore House Apartments will leave you tempted and taken by Plymouth’s many offerings…

Just a short stroll from the beautiful Plymouth Barbican and those sensational botanicals, offered by legendary Plymouth Gin. Strathmore House Apartments are at the very epicentre of sensational holidaying.

British Gin is in vogue, why you ask, let’s see..!

Gin has quite the history! And although glamorous and plentiful in the roaring Twenties, it hasn’t always been the case!  In the Sixties Gin lost its privileged position in Britain’s cocktail cabinets, like many things, fashion predicts what’s hot and what’s not!

New World Wines took centre stage for the postwar generation, along with Rum and Vodka, putting Gin on the back shelf. In the 60,s, 70’s and 80’s those who were held in high regard amongst the dining and drinking scene considered gin & tonic drinkers to be out of touch with what’s ‘in! Those drinkers labelled with also enjoying prawn cocktails, Melba toast, Black Forest gateau and aperitifs! Dated!

It wasn’t until the end of the 90’s that Gin took a step back into the ‘lime’ light! Hendrick’s and Martin Miller’s slowly but surely led the gin phenomenon, reversing the image problem that had been created in the previous decades.

Now, in 2018, Gin has never been so popular! On the doorstep of Strathmore House Apartments, you can find one of the oldest working distilleries in Europe. Plymouth Gin has been making its gin according to the original recipe since 1793 and is knows across the globe as one of the finest examples of Gin. With a plethora of history, sensational tastes and a fabulous tour – Plymouth Gin is certainly a drink and destination not to be missed!